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Bridging the Sofa Gap


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When I had my "date" last night, I got up a couple times to check on the food and when I sat back down I'd sit a little closer. Still, I felt pretty lame and obvious doing that. I guess that's the best I can hope for, though, eh? Maybe do the old stretch, yawn, and put my arm around her, too? Ugh...there's got to be a way to do this more smoothly. I bet the Dos Equis guy doesn't have this problem.

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Switch that sofa out for a love seat!

Ya know, when I was shopping for furniture a few weeks ago, I gave a hard look at this double recliner loveseat. It was on clearance and it was a very sweet deal. I also considered getting a Lovesac. But I have a small place and I needed whatever I got to be versatile for when I have guy friends over. Eh, maybe I should have just let the guys be uncomfortable sitting too close. =)

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