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Genuinely would love your honest opinions with this one.

A few weeks back my bipolar/depressive girlfriend broke up with me, told me she didnt feel the same about me (was going through depression, told me that a few weeks before she had no emotion, not feelings towards me), that she needed to be alone, needed space and time from me, that she felt I tied her down (After a misunderstanding, she thought I was breaking up with her over her visiting her friends instead of me, she thought that I didnt want her to see her friends and that I only mattered and thats why I wanted to break up. Of course I didnt mean that at all, only wanted her to be happy. After that the depression came out a bit) and that she wasn’t ready for a relationship again (Ex before me cheated on her on her birthday, treated her terribly, and keyed her car and roofied her after breakup. Essentially was my job to give her confidence in relationships again, didnt date for 6 months before me)

A few bits of information

-I did say something to upset her/annoy her about condoms (she was scared of getting pregnant but i do joke around alot) To her, me as well, sex is a big deal and I shouldnt of said what I did. I pushed the wrong button and broke some of her trust in me. Day she broke up with me over text, wouldnt let me call her about it.

She always felt like we were going too fast and were getting way too serious. (Dated for less than 3 months, exchanged I love yous, told eachother we wanted to be with no one but eachother, told eachother when the time was right wed marry one another)

I treated her well, always complimented her, and made her happy, I treated her like a boyfriend never had. We talked all day and video chatted nearly every night when we got home.

I was heartbroken after the breakup, Felt empty and hopeless. I cried and cried. Then all that emotion quickly turned into anger for a split second, she eventually blocked my number, facebook and twitter (post breakup) after she somehow got word of me venting about me and her (I said some pretty mean stuff, didnt mean it, was just really emotional).

Shes also had been tweeting about how you shouldnt be in relationships that change you and what not.

I gave her the space and time she asked for and 2 weeks ago apologized for it through letter and facebook, sent a friend request again. she accepted the apology but she told me that she still needed time and space because i was still a major source of her anxiety.

In addition to all that her friends told me that she broke up with me because I was suffocating, that she needed slow and not intense from me and that we went too fast.

Today her friend messaged me that she, my ex, is getting her anxiety attacks back, and that its worse than ever, she feels uncomfortable and "unsafe" because Ive tried talking to her recently, when in fact I havent myself contacted her intially for the last 3 weeks, besides that apology. She was in fact the one who texted me last weekend about coexisting amongst mutual friends.

Shes told me a bunch of times she still wants to be friends, even told one of my friends that she fully intended on being friends with me again and dating me again.

She also recently got in touch with her ex before me who treated her like * * * * , and she basically made it neutral, let what he did to her go and wants to move on from her past, for me this is great for her that shes growing and letting her past finally go.

Finally my friend told me today that she definitely still likes me/loves me, doesnt want to go looking for anyone else, but she doesnt want another "college" relationship whatever that means.

Im confused here how can I give someone anxiety when they broke up with me for basically getting too serious? Was she scared of me breaking up with her? Is she being irrational because of her anxiety and depression (known symptom) or is this for real?

Am i right in waiting for her? I know I want to wait because I have never met someone that I know is so perfect for me. I really care about this girl and dont want her to go away regardless of these problems. Should I wait, be patient and as supportive as I can be from afar or should I move on like she asked me to? What should I do?? Any help or comment helps =)

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If your girlfirend has been diagnosed with bipolar then don't even try to make sense of what is going on because it will do your head in. She is all over the map as far as what she is saying and doing...not making much sense. It can be very difficult to deal with someone who is bipolar because the partner is constantly walking on eggshells and trying to interpret conflicting messages and things that just don't make sense. The only thing you can really do at this point is focus on the things you did wrong and learn from them. If she really wants you back she will come back. Don't chase after her and don't listen to the ramblings of her friends. If she wants to get back together she will let you know directly, not through friends.

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