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some words of encouragement pls, bad break up


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Its a long story whats been going on between me and my now ex boyfriend but I'll try to make it shorter.. please bear with me, I just need some enlightenment & I figured this place would be perfect.


Okay so i'm 20 and my ex is the same age.. started dating on/off for 3 years so many things wrong in our relationship but he was my first everything so it was extremely difficult for me to let go. He effed up countless times but no matter what I still took him back. Here's a breakdown


1. When we were close to being official I found out he was talking to a girl he used to like before me. I found out through his friend after my ex was emotionally drunk & spilled everything out to him.

2. Break up on/off because he felt like we were spending too much time together

3. He started liking another girl behind my back & ended up leaving me because of his feelings for her. He said they had a special connection & she was different. He chased her around, she never liked him back & ended up back with me because he realized he still loved me.

4. We started fighting more and more mainly because he thinks I'm a brat sometimes. I've told him numerous times that I'm psychologically damaged because of him leaving me all the time, I have a fear of abandonment & I take rejection from him really bad & I get attitude from it. He's known this and wouldnt try to make me feel better but get pissed off, yell at me (even in front of my friends), ignore me for days, break up and the same thing happens again. Blames everything on me because I drive him crazy cos of it.

5. He stopped calling me & when I would ask him certain things like who he's going with to a place, he's so secretive. I ask why just to make convo but he wants to "have his own privacy"

6. Last break up.. which was last week we got into the usual fight about me being a brat, he ignored me for days then wanted to end it. I hate how every time we fought he wanted to end it. & my dumb self wanted to be friends still but got sad when I didnt get the same gf attention. Last night I go to his house because I wanted to talk to him & work things out still. He didnt answer his phone so I knocked on his bedroom window since I see the tv on. He ignored me and me still being crazy, I opened his window to find him watching a movie with a girl in his bed, with his shirt off! He told me to get out, I told him I couldn't believe him.. Im sure he was sneaking behind my back with this girl because its only been a week. I said I will never forgive him for doing this to me.


I went home and blocked him on FB, took his number out of my cell phone. I mean I know I was being crazy for knocking on his window, but I could careless because I wouldn't have found out about that girl had I not done that. It hurt so bad to see him IN BED with another girl, watching a move & cuddling. I keep replaying it in my head & remembering how shocked I was. I seriously hate him forever, and I was never one to cut off all ties after all our break ups but now I think its time for it. We always kept our lines open & that made us got back together.


Sorry this is long, but anyone who can sympathize with me please give me some words of encouragement to move on & leave this douche in the past. I feel so rejected and abandoned and all the pain I've ever felt doesn't compare to this

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He chased her around, she never liked him back & ended up back with me because he realized he still loved me.


So basically because she didn't want him he used you as his fall back girl?


I hate how every time we fought he wanted to end it.


This was probably because he had been trying to end it for some time.


I can sympathize with you 100%. I just caught him cheating last night and even though I did he denied it and turned it around on me.


Forget him, he doesn't deserve you. Clearly he doesn't care about you and you shouldn't care about someone who doesn't respect you.

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