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I don't think I'll ever understand


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So, I finally got the "I miss you so much and I want to work things out call" from him this morning. He apologized for a lot of things and cried a bunch. We're meeting somewhere public tomorrow to see if we can agree on how to go from here.


I'm thinking about telling him that I would prefer if he focus on himself right now, rather than on our relationship. I definitely don't want to break up in another two years when he still hasn't figured his * * * * out. Maybe I should suggest that we date more casually for awhile and see where things go? I was thinking esp. about limiting the amount of time we spend laying around the house cuddling and watching TV. Maybe I should tell him that we can meet up for one really nice date per week and have the rest of the time apart?



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Good idea. I'm sorry, maybe it's my age --- but hanging out isn't dating! I'm not saying my bf and I don't get together for dinner, have the tv on, etc....but, dating is spending time together that is quality....where you can have a conversation about anything/everything -- where there is effort involved.

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I don't think it's your age, but it might be your gender! I am ALWAYS trying to explain this concept to my guy friends when they complain that girls are too demanding because they want to go out all the time. Why can't we just be happy to watch them play video games for three weeks straight? Even my ex, who was really good about understanding that I would go insane and murder him if I had to stay inside every night, struggled to find time/money to go out. Our town is pretty small, so anything other than dinner and a movie requires driving about an hour or two from the desert into LA.

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