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Telling the Parents


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I'm just curious... Is it a big deal when a guy tells his parents about his new girlfriend? My boyfriend just told me that he told his parents about us. I've never asked him if they knew about us, he just came out and told me.


Is there a hidden meaning behind all of this?


By the way, he's 35 and I'm 26, so it's not like we need permission...


I should also add that he is very close to his family, and sees them on a regular basis, and also talks to them on a daily basis.

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It's all relative (pun intended). Some people share everything with there parents, while others hide everything from them. It's certainly not a bad thing. He wouldn't bother telling his parents about you if he was intending on dumping you anytime soon, and he may even be quite proud of your relationship. The fact that he volunteered this information suggests that he's wanting you to know that he's committed to your relationship.

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