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straneg situantion, opinion needed


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hi everyone,

i could really use a second opinion regarding my situation:



I've met a guy 2 month ago, real cute, but separated and with 2 kids, who lives in Italy. we've met during our summer vacation, i was with my friends, he with also with his, his ex was there too(with new boyfriend) and the kids. it was clear from the firs moment the attraction between the us, though nothing at all happened during this time. (not even a kiss).


After the vacation ended, i came home, they went to a camp somewhere near, and soon he called me, to come after me to go to a festival at a near town. He came with a friend and one of his daughters(she's 9). we spent a great day together (the kid was left to her mother, who was also there), and also a great night. I never sleep at first occasion with a guy, but i said to myself, tomorrow I'll come home, he'll soon go back to Italy, we probably will never meet again, so what the hell, I've got nothing to loose. and i also don't want anything else from him, under the circumstances. (far away with kids). And as i said it was great, but than he asked me to not show anything in front of his daughter (so in fact in front of everybody, as after the night the girl was always there). whatever, i thought, it doesn't matter.


but 2 days later he called , to meet for the last time at the camp they were, before he leaves. It sounded cool. But it turned out to be a disaster. His family was there, brothers, cousins, old friends, the other kid, and he just could interact normally with me, like i was his little secret. It was really ruining the mood... all day we barely talked with each other, the night we spent together, and in they morning we separated very coldly, in front of the others. It was really bad for me. I understand the concern for the kids, but still...


and in spite of thinking we won't keep in touch at all, now he writes me emails, like diaries, what he does, plan to do, and so on, like to an accountant he met somewhere, with absolutely no personal touch in it. It really bothers me.


So my question is: would anybody explain it to me, why this guy keeps writing to me?? it bothers me, 'cause he is really cute, and normally i would keep contact with him, but surely not through impersonal emails.. i already told him, that our last day bothered me, but didn't wanted to make a fuss out of it.


i know if a girl sleeps immediately with a guy, he loses interest fast. in my case, it was fine by me, as he was leaving anyway. so why these mails now? they aren't romantic ones. I'm thinking of telling him, that this has no sense, it was grate, and that's it, but i also will sorry for having to do so. He wrote last time, that he might come visit here next month, should i just forget about him? i'm not that interested in him, it is simply intriguing me

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