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Need real advice! is he lying?


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I been talking to this guy online; last sunday we went on our first date..he is an EMT anyway today we were suppose to go out (meet up around 5pm) he called me at 4:30pm and said lets make it 6pm i said that would be good..then at 5:15pm he called and said lets make it 7pm so i said fine.then he call me back at 6pm and said oh im so sorry but there was a bad case today and i got blood all over my pants and they need to be washed so i have to drive to my station since i was at another station..


however none of this make sense..so of course i said ok i understand..and he said "he will call me later" in my opinion the first and second date you're always suppose to make a good impression and canceling at the last minute isnt right..so now he just dont know he totally blew it with me..will i be wrong for ignoring his calls? really im upset because i got dressed and was just waiting and was looking forward to the date..



it will be awhile before i can see him because im having surgery next week..and i told him this and then i said what abt tomorrow? he said "oh its 9/11 i have things to do such as memorial service to attend.


**he called me and i let it go straight to voicemail and he left like a 3 minute message and said call him back and then sent me a pic of bloody pants..SERIOUSLY who does that??



* i know i shouldn't be so upset because he is NOT my boyfriend but the fact i was really looking forward to seeing him it makes me think he didn't like me and just played along like he wanted a second date..im confused



*also it seem fishy he won't add me on his facebook..he claim he have problems using facebook but however i can see his wall and he is pretty active on there..another thing thats fishy he told me that he sometimes go out to dinner with a lady he used to work with; but he claim they are only friends..

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My ex was a big cancel out artist. So many times I was "ready" and plans

Were delated/cancelled. It sounds like he has ADD and his thoughts

And organizational skills are all over the place. Oh and that he can't add you on FB

Sounds like BS. My time is too valuable to be d1cked around like this,

But that's just me.

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He can reschedule ONCE for later time, not two or three times. After that you should of said another day. The rest of your post sounds so familiar. He has a double life more than likely. There are plenty of guys who will respect you and give you the time of day. Maybe wait until your surgery is finished and your healed before dating.

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Seriously you don't want to add him to your facebook or you to his. Not yet anyways.


What if the dates don't work out? Then you have to go through the process of de-friending him. So it's like why bother adding dates to your facebook. Wait until he's officially your boyfriend.


And as for cancelling the date, blood or no blood on his pants - he should have gone home changed, and come and picked you up.

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If he showed you the pants then I doubt he's lying. If you aren't that interested in seeing him again, then don't. If the first date was fantastic I would be more likely to just express disappointment and let it go, this time only. Also as an EMT, he will always have to put his job duties before any plans he has with you. If you think that will be a big problem for you, it might be a good idea to just find someone else.


I don't know if it's a great idea to be going through the early dating process when you're about to have surgery either, but if he's willing to wait to see you again, that's probably a good sign. Do you have time to meet him for lunch or a coffee before it happens? How long have you been talking online?

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