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Girlfriend's Daddy Issues


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Girlfriend has a father that is very stubborn and angry. She is 22 and her father finances her college studies. Yet, he asks her to find a part-time job and when she's not a yes-robot and wants to state her own opinions, he takes it as a no and starts shouting at her and sometimes beating her. She told me that he always beated her when she was a kid.


Now she doesn't know what to do because if she resists him and defends herself, he threatens her to cut his help and she will no longer be able to study.


I'm resisting so hard not to beat up his ass and I'm doing my best to support her. I don't want to interfere between her and the family but I'm very worried at the same time. What would you recommend me to do in this situation? Please help.

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I agree that she needs to get out of this situation, however, I'm hesitant to encourage the student loan route. As someone who's likely to suffer horrible economic consequence for the rest of her life due to student loans...I can't encourage any young person to do this to themselves.


What does her mother say about all of this? As his spouse, she should have some say in finances.


Either way, what he's doing is illegal and extremely damaging to her. The emotional trauma will stay with her for life. Someone needs to gather evidence and call the cops on this guy.

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