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I need a new start and want to quit


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I know people are just lucky to have a job right but now..and i have been saying this to myself for a couple of years now.


The market pretty much crashed after taking my job out of college which was an assistant role..basically alot of paper pushing, being on my feet doing ALOT of copying and scanning which happens every couple of months where it's this massive project. My legs aren't in the greatest shape as it is. I'm tired of being on my feet doing this type of job. And now after almost 5 years I feel I am just done..i feel overshadowed at this place..my boss actually hired someone now younger to work more closely with her and I am still stuck doing this labor intensive work. In plain words, I am just done. My main coworker will also be out soon..they need to take a leave for a few months. It makes me nervous they may not even come back which will make me feel more stuck in a sense. And i will have more paper pushing work to do while they are gone..It basically takes me and my main coworker over a month to complete one labor intensive job if we are mainly just focusing on that..i feel a highschool student can do this.


I have been applying and sometimes it is stressful to try and do both or even make up excuses for being late.


But now I just feel if i don't leave now I am never going to leave..another year of my life is going to go by in a blink of an eye..and all i am qualified for is this role. I almost feel I am better off getting a part time job to get by (I am with family right now and have been helping and rent is crazy as it is and I have some money saved) and doing volunteer work which allow me to possibly gain some new skills, meet new people and possibly enhance my resume? Or would that not matter much? I can also sign up for certificate classes and add that to my resume. I can tell employers I felt I needed a change and wanted to gain new skills and decided to volunteer and take classes to expand my knowledge and experience.


I just truly feel if i stay here another year, it could negatively affect me as well just as it could affect me if i leave b/c I am taking a chance of facing unemployment for a long period of time..sure I am in a job and have a steady background--but i don't feel it's worthwhile work anymore..i have outgrown it..each day i feel like i don't belong there, sometimes i don't feel smart enough..it is like my self esteem has crashed down being there..i feel uneasy.


And I know it's hard for others to maybe read this b/c they will just think you are an idiot, you are lucky to have a job..but how long can I keep saying this when i feel anxious and don't feel like i should be there anymore? Especially my boss hiring this younger girl and has her to do more important work and i am boxing up materials, making copies. I spent so much money on school and had a high gpa, worked all 4 years of college as well for money.


I have it planned out in my mind to tell my boss an old employer offered me a full time position which isn't as labor intensive etc and i just feel like i need a change. Hopefully I won't be asked for proof of this change but they can't really do that right?


I hope someone can relate. Is this a crazy idea?

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Sure you can leave, but what are you going to do for money? Rely on your family just because you feel the work you do is menial?


I think if your going to leave, you shouldn't expect your family to carry you at all. Have you started looking for another job while at this one?


I think you should look at the bigger picture and put your own feelings to the side (for now) because you still have that obstacle of no money coming in.

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My family circumstances are not an issue.. we are here for each other..i have been giving alot of money over the years..each family is different..its not an issue with mine..they would rather see me happy trying to move forward and do something else with my life than to stay there and be miserable just so i can say "i dont rely on my family"


That is stuff isn't an issue..my post isn't really asking about that. This also isn't something i randomly felt and decided for a week or month..i have been thinking about this for a very long time. Like i said..im willing to take a part time job for now to get by in order to hopefully help my long term future. If you read my whole post--you will see i said i have been applying and sometimes its hard to keep coming up with excuses for being late if i am meeting with an agency or even an interview..they sometimes can't work around my work schedule.

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Yes, I think it's a bad idea.


If you don't want to stay there another year - that's perfectly reasonable. But you should most definitely have a plan and I don't think that volunteering, trying to network and working part time is a solid plan. You can network while you are working... you can volunteer while you are working... you can take night classes.


I think that when the reality sets in of not having any money, you will regret your decision. In my opinion, you should have a much more solid plan (find another job, find a definite course you want to take and you know when the course starts, how much it will cost, etc) before you make such a huge decision.


It sucks working at a place you don't like. It sucks even more not having a job, money or clear direction.


Just my opinion.

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i know money is going to be an issue..the reality has set in. I guess i am thinking in terms of my future. It's hard to do everything while working--volunteering, classes, applying for job, interviews. I come home after work and basically am on til midnight just trying to apply to a few places..i don't have time to do much else at this point.


I guess I am just trying to invest in my future even if it means right now not having that income coming in.

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Hi I thought i would reply as i am in a similar position having split from my ex 3months ago who i still can not stop thinking about 24 /7 i went to the usa for 6 weeks. In this time it gave me a great deal of time to reflect and that i need a change. Im not happy in my job at all I too will be handing in my notice next week i dont have another job but have decided to go back to the USA to live.


I know what your going through and i would do what you feel best so many people get absorbed in the everything must be done a certain way i know times are hard but do what makes you happy and most of all good luck

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