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Learn from my mistakes

so in sadness

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I am 53 male, was considered quite good looking in my teens on through my 40's, but shy as hell and though I had been approached by quite a few attractive girls/women, I could never reciprocate - going back from elementary school to about 10 years ago. Though I've loved so many and had a great capacity for passion I'm am lonely and have never even dated let alone been intimate. I attempted suicide a month ago as I cannot bare the profound sadness anymore. I feel my life is ruined and the sun has finally set. It is just too late for me now and I'm better off dead. I have no one to even say goodbye to. But at least I can tell someone that might hear my last words here - don't let fear stop you the way I did. I cannot go back but if you still have your life ahead of you, you do have the choice of shyness or regret. . . .

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I can tell you what the other side of the coin feels like. I've dated many, fell in love hard only three times. Have been cheated on, lied to, played, and everything inbetween. So....if given the choice of a do over, I would say your side smells better. But....then again, neither of us have walked in the others shoes.


By ending it now, you're guaranteed to never change your situation. Give it some more thought first, will ya? Cant undo it once its over....it's a permanent fix to a temporary problem.

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Wow, 53 seems so young! You say you were approached by attractive women and were quite good looking. Whats to give up on then? You can still start! Online chatting might be a good way to start, for shy people. I think someone is waiting to meet you, and that you can have a happy life. All the best, Offplanet

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Thanks for the ideas - and the online chat makes a great deal of sense.

It's just that when you get to a certain point where you see no way out -

as far from reality as it may be you just do what you feel you have to do.


You bring some awareness to the situation that does help. I do need to be

open to those possibilties yet to be. Thanks again . . . .

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True enough about ending it now. Sounds really tough in many what you went through - but were there not

moments you carry with you that you would never want to lose. I have none. But I don't think life experiences

can be compared given each person's level of awareness. BTW it would be me that I'd punch first - I did this -

no one else - out of fear. My cousin shot himself in the head out of desperation and I know what that feels

like. I was almost dead by the time the sheriffs found me - so yes I still have a second chance. Thanks . . . . .

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Billy, I've been helped enormously in changing my attitudes to many things, by a lady who used NLP and meditation. The last time I saw her was over a month ago, yet the little guided meditation thing she did with me has (without me consciously having to try to do anything different) kept me in a good positive and happy state since then. I think you could find someone like her where you live. She has literally helped me 'transform my life'. I had tried a govt subsidized psycologist for a year, but this lady has helped me 100 times more than he did, with her creative and quirky outlook. Please try some avenues for change. Please!

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