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Why do you favor someone (dating website question)?


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I get favored from guys who never message me. There's one I'm interested in so I messaged him and am hoping to be more than a favorite, but why would you favorite someone and not message them?


Just curious because I don't favor anyone, I just send a quick note if I like their profile or am interested.

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I know why I do it...and it's not because I'm "doing something" with the pictures! haha


It's almost like a place mark because you may be going through a "search" and you favourite someone and then come back to that list and maybe review in more detail and then contact them afterwards. I could contact someone very quickly, but I prefer to actual put some thought into an email, not just "hey".


I have no idea why someone would not contact you if they "favoured" you. But hey, guys take numbers and don't call right?...this may just be the online version of that!

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im guessing maybe he is just trying to gauge your interest and break the ice. maybe he has a fear of rejection and its easier to do that than send a message. Maybe he's lazy and doesnt want to waste time sending a message or wants you to make the first move. This is like a "wink" right? I stopped online dating, but if a guy winked at me and didnt send me a message, i would possibly wink back if i really liked the profile. I never would send him a message just for doing that though.

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Couple of reasons:


1. He is too shy to profess his interest

2. He has saved you to his favorite list; so that he can revisit this late at his leisure time to send you a quick note

3. He has added you to his contacts queue but currently exploring his options with other ladies and trying to date them first (very unlikely)

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I only do it when I'm interested in someone's profile but for some reason I'm drawing a blank for a conservation or don't feel like drafting a message at the moment. Occasionally I'll go back and check the list and actually send a followup message, but most of the time I forget.

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