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If you could get back at them for _______ with no repercussions...

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Well, if she is halfway attractive, she will just get another guy to buy her some replacement for anything you destroy. For every man who tries to hurt us, there will always be one who wants to impress us. It's just the way it is. I, myself, would never do anything to hurt anyone. Not my thing, I'm a lover.

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When I think "Get back at them" I think they must have done something very awful, something life changing/altering.. terrible emotitonal/mental damage..


For example, My ex left me, took my son, my step daughter and went straight to a new guy. She took everything out of my home, Told me he was going to be the father to the kids, took me to the cleaners on child support, moved in with this new guy, Told me how I was a deadbeat dad, worthless father, bad boyfriend, horrible names, belittled infront of the kids, and everything was my fault because I did not marry her after a 6yr relationship. I fought her for 2 yrs, paying over $900a mth in child support on a $2000 a month income.. paying my own mortgage, other bills, paying for my kid when with me, paying a lawyer to fight for me, and she fought dirty, used everything to her advantage, lots of manipulation and lies, made false police reports on me, had cops come talk to me several times, played any strings she had to try to get me to give up on my kid. I spent 2 yrs in emotional agony hell, working several jobs to keep afloat, pay for a lawyer, going to several court dates and enduring her scream and yell at me, degrading me.. many times I was short of having a mental break down, Stress was so bad I was on blood pressure meds and there many times I just wanted to call it quits


Did I want to get back at her? you bet. But in my heart I know it all comes back around. And it does, I eventually won the custody I was willing to agree to for my son, I spent a total of 3k on a lawyer, she spent 20k on hers, The guy she left me for was an alcoholic and abusive, he put her in the ER a few times -witch she hid, Shes now got more debt then ever, and Both kids beg her to let them see me. That guy eventually left her.. and He even sent me a message on face book telling me "I should have listened to you" (I had messaged him explaining what was happening when she ran straight to him) and basically told me everything he dealt with was EXACT Same as what I dealt with. He couldnt believe I lasted 6yrs with her. And hopes that I can find someone to appreciate me as I should have been.

I think ultimatly my getting back at her will be finding someone who truly loves me, having a family with them..and she can live with her self knowing all that she did to me only made me better then I ever coulda been with her. I have talked with her several times after all this blew over.. shes still stupid about everything and blames me for everything.. and what it comes down to was " I wasnt affectionete enough, I worked late, I didnt marry her after 6yrs and she didnt think I ever would, and my friends didnt like her because she had cheated on me in the past and controled me" .

I still think about all those reasons and cant believe all the crap I dealt with because of absolutely nothing, how hard is it to agree to breakup and go your separate ways and be adult about your children. Instead it was like she wanted to punish and make me suffer for not marrying her.

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You know, my ex put me through some serious stuff. Raped me, held me hostage, pointed a gun at me, broke a bunch of my stuff, sabotaged my car, stalked me, then told everyone we broke up cause I "hit" him and was "abusive".


But if I think about what I could do to get him back, I can't even come up with one thing that I could do that I wouldn't feel bad about later.



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