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Just stringing me along?


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I've been seeing this guy for a little over a month now, we've gone out about 5 times. We live about 45 minutes away from each other and 4 out of those 5 times I have driven to see him. The first time we went out we met at a half way point. On our first date he kept saying how I was his "dream girl" and he wouldn't pass up an opportunity for him to be with me. He's taken me out a few times and introduced me to some of his friends. This makes me think he's interested. However, I'm a bit skeptical. About 2 weeks ago I asked him if he could drive over here and he said "yeah, that would work." The afternoon of the day he was supposed to come over he texted me saying he took over a shift for his friend so he couldn't make it. That was fine. We made plans for him to come over yesterday but then he texted me on the same day saying his car was in the shop and it was supposed to be ready the day before but they hadn't finished it yet. I was pretty disappointed but said it was out of his control and that we would try for some other day. He said of course. What makes me skeptical is he didn't set a date, he didn't seem sorry when he canceled both times, I've been the one to go see him, and I've also been the one to make most of the plans. I also find it odd he doesn't call, he only texts. All the other guys I've dated have wanted to have a phone conversation with me. I'm not sure if he just wanted to hook up, isn't crazy about me after all, or is that just the way he is? I mean, this doesn't sound like someone who wants a relationship with me, right?

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Right. Drop him If a guy wants to see you, he will. No excuses.


Within reason, I hate comments like this. If he makes plans and then bails on said plans, then of course drop him...(I hate comments from the other side that assume that if said man was into you he would be around you as much as possible...give me a break)


Since he doesn't seem to be making an effort, why keep trying? And yes a guy that texts and doesn't call is a huge red flag.

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Girl what state do you live in????? Are you REALLY in Maryland???? Oooor....? Your boyfriend sounds idenical to my boyfriend as far as his behavior goes...Never apologetic, never wanting to be on the phone...Mine USE to text me at least, but not ever anymore, he does call, but only for a few mins and then wants to get off....


HIm and I have been through a lot...He has mostly put ME through the ringer...He told me and hes told me over and over again...He is a home body, he likes being at his house...He told me, he'd prob be over here more often if I had "Cable and Video game system." Uuuuhh..


He could be like mine, just LAZY.....Still...Not a good thing...Im trying to get my guy out of this habit because I can't stand driving 45 mins away either...grrr

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