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So about this girl (a married woman)


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There's this girl I met in a nursing program in the fall of last year. The very first time I saw her face, it was around the beginning of the semester and myself and her and a couple of other class members where having a conversation and she brought it up that she had a husband.


About 2 days after that group conversation, she was always walking pass where I sat in class and she would make eye contact with me and smile at me, and of course, I would always smile back. Anytime I come to class, she would always start a short conversation with me. There was a time that she asked if I could sit next to her in order to help her out during class discussion because she thought there was this teacher that was supposed to teach us that day and this teacher is always randomly picking on people to answer questions; so I told her it wasn't that particular teacher that was mean't to teach us that day, and then I went to my regular seat to sit down.


Midway through the semester, I came to school a couple of minutes before classtime and there was a textbook for a new course that needed to be bought and she was the one who gave me heads up about it, she then voluntarily followed me all the way to the bookstore and back to the classroom. During our walk to and from the bookstore, we talked about how cool we thought the program was and she laughed about something I said. We talked like we had been friends for a while.


A few days after that, I asked for her number and she gladly gave it to me and she introduced me to a friend she was talking to. She also told the friend how funny I was. After class, she texted me right away asking how I was. From then on, we kept texting back and forth. Everytime in class, we would chat during break time. She even hugged me a few times and calling me darling.


Towards the end of the semester, I failed the class due to my tardiness during my clinical rotation so I had to redo the course again. I told her about this and she sounded so sympathetic and asking if I was okay. It was christmas and she wished me a merry christmas and said she was so happy that she met me.


A few days before the beginning of the spring semester this year, I texted her and told her she must be excited to be going back to school and she texted me back with a close-ended response like "yea pretty much" and I was wondering why she responded that way. I then decided to see what would happen if I didn't text back after that and she never ever again texted me back. At first, i was trying to figure out what drew her to me in the first place. I was asking myself like was it because she thought I was a smart guy in class and then thought I was no good because I failed the fall semester last year. I then deleted her contact from my phone.


And all the times that we've texted each other, I was the one who texted first majority of the times. I've never once actually called her, nor did she ever call me and I just assumed that she was scared about her husband getting suspcious and defensive


Sometime during this summer, I emailed her and she responded like she was soooo excited and I jokingly responded back saying "oh it's been a while huh, is that all you can say, after all this time" and she jokingly responded back to my email. I sent her another email and she never responded back


So what do you guys make of this? You think she was just leading me on for attention?

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Doesn't sound like she was flirty, just really friendly. I know some women who are very kind to their friends and sometimes call them "dear" and "darling". That's just my gut feeling on this. I think if she were interested, she would have acted differently. Not that it matters - she's married.

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This really does sound like a friends situation - nothing in your post screams "romantic interest" (sorry). I think she was excited to have someone in her class be her friend. Someone to bounce things off of (if there's an issue in class), someone to discuss the teacher with, etc. You were a classmate.


As far as kind of cooling off after you failed the class, I think this is relatively normal. You hadn't really established a strong friendship while you were classmates - and now you are no longer classmates. This is exactly what I would have expected.


I don't think she was leading you on... I think you may have taken her actions in a way that was not intended (sorry).

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