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Broke NC, did i screw up??


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Hey guys,

So after 13 days of strict NC, i caved


i went on NC without telling her. Basically she called it off because she said she didn't love me anymore and that I wasn't the guy for her. The day

after i begged and pleaded to no avail, then i went on NC for 13 days. Yesterday I sent this email to her:




I just wanted to apologize about how I acted after you called it off between us. It was quite disrespectful, rude, and frankly immature. I am truly sorry.

I'm taking this time to focus on myself and I want to give you your time and space as well (I think we both need it). This will be my only email for a while unless you wish to stay in touch.


I hope you're having a blast in España!


- I****


So did i make a big mistake? I know she won't be responding because she talked about it with her sister, who i am close to (at least she thought about it hah). what do i do???

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Nothing wrong with what you did. Unless you were expecting a response, because you're probably not going to get one. If you feel like you could still be friends with her, then I see no harm in staying in contact. You have to be strong and secure enough in yourself before you can do that, though.


Anyway, nothing wrong with saying "hello" and apologizing. I don't think you lost any dignity over that. Rather, I think it was a noble thing to do. So many people play games. You were just being honest about your feelings.

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Yea to be honest, i just felt bad about acting needy and begging, so i apologized for it. At first I expected a response, but knowing her she won't do it (she's very good at being strong emotionally).


In any event, guess I'm going back to NC for another 3 weeks or so then i'll just shoot another short email to see how she is. Good or bad idea?? thanks guys

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In any event, guess I'm going back to NC for another 3 weeks or so then i'll just shoot another short email to see how she is. Good or bad idea?? thanks guys


See how you feel in 3 weeks, i know i did that same thing, waited almost 4 weeks after the begging/pleading/crying thing, and OH MAN did that set me back AGAIN when i couldnt budge her. So yeah my vote is no.

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For me this sounds like an apology. You only messed up by saying "unless you want to stay in touch". This is someone who told you she doesn't love you and you're not the one. So I think you shouldn't have said that, sounds like she is the one with the control and chooses when and how you will be back together. Don't expect this email to get her, it's not going to work.

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Email is terrible,bad idea but whats done is done...nothing major anyways...

What worries me is ur estate of mind,after 3 weeks to contact her again ? What for, to beg again ? to see if u got a chance or she changed her mind ?

Best reaction u will get from her will be focusing in urself, ignore her and move on so u can show her ur respect by accepting her decision.

Rest is just jambo jambo.Easier said than done but is all what u got now,isnt it ? Then use it !!

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