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Should I stay friends?


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Hey guys I had NO idea where to put this post so I am sorry if it is in the wrong place.


My twin sister started getting interested into this guy, they met up and both said they were starting to get serious. In turn, this friend of my sister's introduced me to a great friend of his and we started talking. I thought he was really nice looking (I am states away going to college so I haven't MET him but my sister has). So fast forward to this week and I have myself a mess. My sister and her friend/boyfriend got into a HUGE fight and it's gotten to the point where my sister is thinking about filing harassment charges. She told me the story and I told her she should too, after she repeatedly told him to stop contacting her and he kept doing so telling her very nasty things, but no threats that I remember.


Ever since they had their huge fight, the friend I was introduced to stopped talking to me, which doesn't really bother me too much because we hadn't been talking for long and not long enough for me to form an attraction. So my question is, should I stop talking to him due to his ties to this one guy and because of my strong ties to my sister? A part of me says yes but another part of me says that he wasn't the one that said all those awful things, but then again people who are alike tend to hang out together and form friendships, so it's highly likely this acquaintance is like this awful guy.


Any suggestions? I haven't really talked to him since this whole thing started to blow up between my sister and her "boyfriend", and he hasn't contacted me either.

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Well, since he's stopped talking to you already whats the problem? Even if there was no problem with your sister are you raelly going to chase someone who stopped talking to you and who you have never even met in person? And lastly, your sister is more important than somebody you've had a few conversations with and have never met.

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