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Anxious, Exhausted and Over it!


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I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to handle work.


I hate my job. I like the work (most of the time) and I like the majority of people in the company, just not the people I work closest with. My closest colleague is very passive aggressive, constantly putting me down (but always with a smile) and is quite a * * * * * y/manipulative person. Working with her makes me feel very uncomfortable and I am constantly having to watch my back. Unfortunnately my boss loves her and I think she favours her over me.


I just don't know what to do. Due to personal reasons I can't leave but it is really uncomfortable for me working there. I am constantly anxious and questioning my actions etc. even when I know i'm doing the right thing.


I just need to get through a few months and things will be different (both personally and in the company) but i'm struggling. I have gained heaps of wait from the stress and anxiety and unfortunately this has made it even worse. Half the time at work I feel i've done the wrong thing and I feel like crying. I spend half my weekends worrying about the weekend ahead and this makes it even worse. I really do try my hardest but I don't want to get involved in Politics. I just want to do my job. We aren't in highschool anymore and unfortunately it feels like that's how they are acting


Just wondering if anyone has any advice with how to deal with * * * * * y colleagues? I just need to get through the next few months but I am really struggling.

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I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I feel that way at work as well. It sounds like you may have more of a extreme case though.


But i feel anxious at my job if i have down time, if i have work to do..i just feel like i am doing something wrong. The people are pretty nice but i do see some things bother me and make me feel like i just don't belong there anymore. Comments girls make to other girls or even talk about each other so fast...just can't deal with it..and also being overshadowed when someone younger is doing a better job than you..it can be a hard feeling to deal with almost like you are being pushed out. I just overall feel not good enough which is why i am trying to leave and make a change for my life where I can start new and excel.

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This sounds like where I am at. I work with only women in a women's retail store. I've been there the longest out of anyone and turnover there is ridiculous. I've seen 3 different management teams since I've been there and now I have been promoted into management but every still treats me like a child. We've been recruiting from different stores so now I have 19 year olds being promoted over be because they are kissing ass and I refuse to. Really, the only thing you can do in this situation is YOUR JOB. Make sure you're on top of everything that you're responsible for, go above and beyond, and always make sure you're keeping your eyes open for a better opportunity.


I know it's hard to be assertive, but you need to stand up for yourself. If push comes to shove, put your HR rep on speed-dial. I feel like people don't utilize HR like they are supposed to, especially at my job because I work with girls that are so young and this is their first job. This is what HR is for.

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