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Do You Start Looking For Someone New Before You Break Up?


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If you feel your relationship's going to crash, about when do you usually start looking for someone new?





I usually wait until some time after the break up before I start looking around. But after talking with friends, I've realized that I may be a minority! And wanted to get some feedback

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After the break up...don't do what your friends do...or else you will be selfish and possibly emotionally cheat just like them.


If your relationship isn't working, end it and then move on when your ready to someone new.





IMO, people should have the decency to end a relationship to start looking for somebody else.

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Coming from personal experience, its probably one of the most hurtful things to do to find another person before the break up.

It gives you even more reason to break up and probably more than half of you is breaking up because you've met someone new...

Its a * * * * * y and not to mention very low thing to do

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My ex of a year and a half waited until I moved out of town before he could find someone else. So I got a text one day from him saying he doesn't like me anymore and that it's over. And I found out he stayed over at the other chick's house that same day/weekend. It hurt so much. After that, he went from relationship to relationship--never being single for more than a week. And it took me six or seven months before I considered going on a date with someone. So I guess it depends on why you want to be with someone. If it's just because it makes you feel good to have someone and it could be anyone--be like my ex and find someone before you break up. But if it's because you genuinely want to find someone special to share your life with and to love and care about--wait until you meet that person, no matter how long it takes.

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