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Can you describe your pain.


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I found this exact topic difficult to search well, so thought I would make a new thread. I thought it might help others to see that there are commonalities between what many of us are feeling and isn't as scary as you might believe.


Describe the emotional pain you feel/felt, how it manifested, and how it affected you?



repetitive thoughts of the relationship that are with me throughout the day. Basically I can't stop thinking about her/us. It reminds me of the loss and that is a negative feeling. It drags me down.


I have trouble sleeping at night.


Anxiety/depression. This had me getting a little frantic.


I (had) the sponge feeling in my chest almost constantly for a while, and still get the awful stomach feelings occaisionally.


The first month wasn't bad (I guess I held hope for reconcilliation) and still had lots of contact. But as reality set in, and the contact stopped. It got worse because there was a huge void.


Getting a little better with time. Techniques I have tried:

You can break the thoughts with distraction. Or the "STOP" sign method. I am still learning! (google: rumination!) The longer you can go without thinking about it- the better! Try reading books!

Take some sleep aids(there are many forms) to get you through. Good sleep will be key to me feeling good!

Lots of info on anxiety and depression out there if you need it.


I hope to wake up one day and be tired of these feelings, and be done with them.

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