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He dumped her and then called to ask if she got his message. WHY?


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So this story is about my best friend. For a long time she was single until she met a cute guy in the shopping mall. He was working there. He was dumped by his ex girlfriend not so long ago. Still he liked her and asked to meet. So they went to meet. She is very careful with guys and first she always want to become friends. Of course she didn't state this to him.


Well she tried to be happy and independent. Not to be needy, not to call him, not to ask for much attention, not to be demanding. Everything seemed ok, but still he wasn't very emotional himself. So she thought that they could actually become the good friends. One day he invited her to watch basketball match on TV together at his house. She agreed and he had to drive to take her. But in several minutes he called back saying that his grandmother had a heart attack and he's driving her to the hospital. One hour later he called her back and told that his grandmother is OK. She understood him and didn't say a word about it even if she felt a little bit suspicious. One more hour passed and he sent her a "goodbye" message saying that it would be better not to meet anymore, not to see each other and not to contact each other. Also he added that they shouldn't continue their relationship. Relationship? She was quite in shock because she tried to be his friend, not a girlfriend. And he gave no reasons why he didn't like her.


I adviced her NOT to reply. So a day passed. She still was very nervous about it, because she wanted to know the reason. Next day he asked her by a message if she got his sms. She DIDN'T reply. Then he began calling her. I adviced her to relax and to pretend calm like nothing had happened. In the beginning she pretended like she doesn't know who's calling. And when he said his name in surprised tone, he asked her by voice: "So how was your day today? Did you do something interesting? And did you get my message yesterday?" She said: "Yes, I've got it. Thank you for sincerity. Do you have something more to say?" He said "No, I don't" and then said goodbye.


WHY did he wrote her and called later to ask if she got his "dump" message?

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LOL!!!! that is funny. i'm sorry, i shouldn't giggle, but i am.


He was rude enough to "dump" her via text message, so why should she even reply to that?? i suppose he thought she would say something in response, like "WHY?" or "No!!!" or "I love you!" or "Go to hell!!" her non-nonchalant attitude must have caught him off guard, hahaha! probably was a bruise to his ego that she didn't care.

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Assume for a moment that his grandmother did have some issue that may have been heart related and turned out to be nothing - did she ask if the grandmother was Ok or just said nothing?


meh.... i'm suspicious about the story. first they have a date, then grandma has a heart problem, then she is ok, then he wants to break up? in the course of a few hours? even if grandma really had a heart problem, wouldn't they have taken her to the hospital to give her a full workup? and if so, wouldn't that have taken more than 1 hour to figure out?


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Noting the correlation between dead grandmas and school exams....

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ah - i see.


still..... i'm suspicious. the gf could have asked specific questions to the bf to assess his honesty (ie, which hospital are you at, what tests are they running, when did this happen, where is the pain?) etc... if he's telling the truth, he'd have good answers for these questions.


oh well- i don't think she needs to worry about this guy.

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