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Shy girls?!


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There probably a million threads on this. but i just wanted to know whether there is any way to tell if a shy girl is or isn't interested in you.. i went out with what seems like one yesterday. she was kinda jumpy and nervous at the beginning. but we had very natural flowing conversation. i noticed that she seemed to be hesitant about making eye contact. she would look at me at times then then divert her eyes elswhere.


she didnt mind me touching her several times though.. hair included. the thing is we got along well but im just unsure if i made her feel intimidated or if she's not interested or whatever lol

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In my experience with this, I look for a few things to tell she's actually interested. She makes time to spend with you and doesn't cancel/reschedule much. Another is she will likely be nervous at the beginning of each date for a few weeks, but towards the end of each one things should feel comfortable for both of you.

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^ she was definitly more comfortable towards the end as we got along really well without any awkward moments.


comfortable silences too


Everything is good then, just continue to have fun with her. I love using jokes/teasing/sarcasm to lighten the mood, helps both of you with any anxiety. Make her laugh.

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Yeah, good advice. If she keeps saying yes to going out with you, then she's probably a little shy, but on board. If she wasn't interested, even a shy girl knows how to say no. Laughing is a good tactic to put her at ease. And appropriate touching will do the same. Think of it this way - she's probably nervous that you don't like her.

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