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Not sure if i want a relationship or not


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So i recently broke up with my girlfriend of 1 year and a half about a month ago. I have been taking out a new girl and we have gone out on a date and hung out a few times. I really enjoy her company and she seems super cool i just don't know if i want to date her. In no way am i unattracted to her i just don't feel as much of a connection to her as i did with my previous girlfriend the first few dates. I in result compare her to different girls and also show genuine interest in other girls. i dont know if i am allowed to date other girls and when i mean allowed i mean it might ruin the current relationship i have with her. I dont know if i want to date her but i do feel like we have a lot of things in common and she is super fun and cute i for some reason feel like i want to see other people aswell but i dont want to upset her or make her think im an * * * * * * * because im not, i just want to see who is out there and not put all my eggs in one basket as they say. What should i do?

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You aren't ready to date anyone yet. You're just using it to cover up the emotions from the breakup. Give yourself some single time.


She probably thinks this relationship is exclusive. She's not dating any other guys. You just run the risk of really hurting her if you keep this up. So let her down gently and stay single until you are over the ex.

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