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Is ex who broke up with me now stalking me?

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Ex and I broke up 2 weeks ago today (she initiated it). For the next 10 days she texted me a lot to feel better (her words). So I cut her off by deactivating my Facebook and asking her not to contact me anymore. She said she wouldn't. That was Saturday night. Since then, I have gotten 3 emails saying that my ipad/iphone has been found by Apple's MobileMe program.


I have NOT asked Mobile Me to find my ipad/iphone so it makes me wonder if ex (who has an ipad) is doing this to try to keep tabs on my whereabouts. Before I cut her off, I had two friend requests from attractive females on Facebook, and she was very jealous about that and asked if I was meeting other women or talking to them. So my gut tells me this is about trying to find out if I'm seeing other women. I'm not at all. I have no desire in anyone else at this time.


Does anyone know alot about MobileMe and can confirm if this is most likely the scenario?

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