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--- Treat people as you would like to be treated....I wish I took this seriously sooner, I have been fired from 2 great jobs over bad customer service experiences...

Also been dumped by who I thought was my soul mate....


----Be yourself --- I learned this through enjoyment of sex, having fun, making people feel more comfortable...Its just a great thing to always be...


---Beauty is in the eye of the beholder---- If he doesn't like you for you, MOVE ON..



Theres more...just tired, need to go to bed lol

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Oh, I so wish I had listened and respected my Mom's wisdom when I was young. But - I was too proud, independent, and rebellious to even admit that she was an amazing factor in my life...


And now she is 90, near the end of her years...


And my 16 year old is exactly like me! He thinks he knows it all, and does not want any of my advice! Like mother, like son...

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I'm still learning:


Live in the now, not tomorrow, not next year. Everything that ever happened, happened now.

You almost always have a choice. You may not like the choices, but you usually have one.

It's not always about me.

Be honest, even if it hurts, but no need to be cruel.

Admit when you are wrong.

When stressed, always ask yourself, "What's the worst that could happen?" then "What would you do then?"

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Listen to the wisdom your family tries to bestow upon you, I didn't and ruined my life. I rebelled against them and rieked all kinds of havoc on my and my children's lives.


Study hard, and finish school before having children because once they come it becomes second fiddle (meaning it may never get done and you'll struggle even more through life).


Find yourself when you're young (meaning before you marry and have children). Don't try to find yourself after they've been created because life is no longer about you once you decide to marry and have children.


Use protection, don't think you can't get pregnant because odds are you can. Don't think you're immune to disease because you're not. Don't think your boyfriend or husband will stay with you or love you more once you're carrying their baby because that's a farce.


It's hard to think of what to say unless you're dealing with a specific situation but those are a few things that came to mind.

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I am repeating a few.


actions speak louder than words!!!!

follow your gut instinct

don't ignore red flags

find lessons in your mistakes then nothing is a waste

be honest always. It is better to let someone know the truth and hurt them that way then for them to be lied to, find out the truth, and be doubly hurt.

Go out of your way to apologize and admit your wrong doing.

Know that no one else controls you. Don't give your power away to someone else. Maintain dignity and strength.

If you have anger issues, codependency, abondonment issues, whatever....get help. You will be happier for it.

You deserve to be happy and healthy and to be treated well if You treat others well. Treat yourself like you are worthwhile.

Compassion is a virtue

Patience is a virtue

It is not all about you or me or them. ever.


Take responsibilty for your actions.

Process your mistakes and don't repeat them.

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Be true to yourself and find the courage to trust your gut instinct.

I haven't got forever like I thought.

Beauty is everywhere if you are open to it.

Don't make something (like your job) or someone (like your partner) your whole life.

Live in the present and be open to changes.

Just because I see it a certain way it doesn't mean it is that way.

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"Time heals all wounds"

It has been a year since him and I broke up....I just realized I FORGOT his middle name!!!! =0 and seriously cannot remember it...I keep saying a name in my head that I think is his middle name, but I think Im wrong....Yeah...So it happens, the ex fades with time and only time....

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#1. Listen to your parents advice and take heed of their recommendations for boundaries of what and what not to do in life because they know where the flames of destruction are and if there is anyone who truly cares for you - it's them - they were there from the very beginning.


#2. Follow your heart, take note however, that the heart is deceitful with its many youthful desires and it must be filtered with your mind.


#3. Realize that your eyes will always feed your heart with desires of the world but discern what you truly need and not what you just want.


#4. If you can't show love to someone when they don't really deserve it then; you don't really love them as much as you thought you did.


#5. If your not doing something good, if your not thinking something good then you're probably doing or thinking the opposite.


#6. Your clothes do not define who you are - you define them.


#7. The credit card is a endless supply of imaginary money that comes with real life debt.


#8. Have one credit card for emergencies, real emergencies, and no, that's not a Starbucks run.


#9. Your friends shape who you are. Bad company destroys good habits - fast.


#10. When you fight with your spouse realize, they are not your rival but your teammate. Putting them down drags the "team" down.


#11. Grow and nourish all your relationships that you hold important because on your death bed you will not desire to see your riches or achievements but those who you hold in your heart.


#12. If you feel self-centered and you can't get out of that immaturity, volunteer in the ER, you'll be humbled fast and grow quickly.


#13. Alcohol is a poor substitute for true comfort.


#14. Drugs are a poor substitute for true emotions and feelings.


#15. Pornography is a poor substitute for true intimacy.

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