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Engaged to be married...!!!!!


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Hey all I came on here in june 2010 after my 3 and half year relationship failed and I was dumped and thrown away like rubbish.. I am now nine months into my new relationship and now am engaged I just came here to say to people don't give up you can find your soulmate and life takes strange and unexpected directions buts its all worth it... eventually not saying ist easy but you it all happens for a reason!



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That's wonderful news!!! Congratulations!!!


I am pleasantly surprised to see this thread with a happy ending after your last one


What transformed the relationship from "blah" and going nowhere to "hoorah!!!" and having a future and engagment How did you 2 get on the same page? Had he been planning to propose and keeping it secret for a while?

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My parents knew each other for 6 weeks when they got married - things worked out. And I'm sure you've heard of plenty of couples that dated for years, married, then divorced. Every situation is different, right?
Yeah my mom and step father knew each other a week. Everyone, including me thought they would be divorced in a year. Ten years later they're still married.


But congratulations, that's great.

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