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A little update on my Labor day weekend...

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Hey all. So before the weekend I posted about being nervous about going away. I was going to a place that I thought my ex would be. I had run into him there Memorial Day weekend while he was with the rebound, after not seeing him for months and it was a very bad time. I made the decision to go this time, though I was terrified of what would happen this time. I decided to go despite that....well I am glad to say the weekend end was success. My ex wasn't there! It was kind of a miracle because he never misses these things. It did make the wheels in my head turn at first 'Why isn't he here? Is he too busy with a new girlfriend?' I went onto the social networking site for these events that we are both on the day before I came, to see if he had RSVPed and he hadn't posted anything new on there in a few months which wasn't what I expected. A tiny tiny part of me was a little disappointed when I didn't see him on Saturday night (Only because I looked damn good and wanted to flaunt it for him to see how much attention I got lol) but quickly thanked my lucky stars and managed to have an awesome weekend! So much so that I actually have a new guy I am crushing on right now. Probably just a crush, but I think he has a little one on me too- but crushes are always fun! And when ever I develop a crush it has always helped my mood improve and focus on things other then my ex which is JUST what I need!


Had my ex been there do I think this weekend would have went very differently? Probably. There is a tiny part of me that is curious about him, if he is in fact with someone else that's why he didn't go....but I am good with not knowing! I am HAPPY and grateful that he wasn't there- I believe God, or the universe or what ever higher power gave me a free pass this weekend and I NEEDED it!


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who wished me well for this weekend!

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