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-Was with her for 18 months, our relationship had its ups and downs but had a really strong bond...

-Both started to grow more jealous of each other , was quite distance travel between us 1 hour, so saw each other maybe twice a week max.

-We were deeply in love, however we both had made a infidelity mistake but stayed together. And both lost trust due to this. (both kissed someone else)

-She broke it off with me saying she loved me but couldn't trust me, so I gave her a little space.

-We ended up having sex a couple times, despite still being apart.

-Then I had gone on holiday for a week where I was bundled with text messages from her saying "you're my everything, I love you" etc.. which I thought was progress and kept it cool, and not getting so emotional back

-3 days after I had come back, she had met up with an ex-boyfriend who lasted 2-3 months way before me and her, Whom she started a relationship immediately, being only about a month from us broken up and 3 days after of her wanting to get back with me...


She started saying "don't wait for me" and stated that she loved him in the first week, I just went full no contact for 2 months till I gave in and asked how she was doing, conversation was good and light, she said I was always in her heart?..and said she loved me when she was still with him.., she then text me a simple "how are you? hope you have found someone" to which I replied "i'm good thanks and maybe few days later.


Then 2-3 weeks later, we still haven't spoken, however she tried getting her friend to add me on Facebook whereas we had deleted each other, and when i had asked why she had added, her friend said she was hacked to me who she shares the password with my ex lol and we had no mutuals.


I had contacted her on the 4th month with a "hope your doing ok" and out of nowhere she text me saying sometimes I regret ever meeting you and some other hurtful stuff, and I replied with okay, if that's how you feel..but I don't regret you.


It doesn't hurt any more, so I think I've come along way, I've been dating other girls, nothing serious, hanging with friends, going gym etc. but then at the end of the day I start to miss her. I regarded her fast starting relationship as a rebound due to the "I love you's in the first week..", however I don't think it is the case now since they are still together and its been 5 months


From her last words I know I can't just start the conversation with her this time, but I still don't understand why she had said that, and becoming angry at me...


any insight would be appreciated instead of the "just move on" and i know that more time may have to pass


and can rebounds last that long? and I start to analyse why she is angry at me because im not giving her the satisfaction of begging her back any more? or am I totally deluded?


thanks for reading.

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I wouldn't say move on -- because really, you have. You've dated, so has she. You both cheated on each other. I don't see where the trust is in this ex-relationship. You guys seem to like to check in and give status reports to each other....rebounds can certainly last that long, and in fact ----last forever. She was with him before you....


Don't have a clue why she regrets meeting you, but I would say that you may be delusional to think she is coming back to you.

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How old are you? Sounds like high school stuff. If you are High School aged it's not unusual for relationships to follow each other quickly. They aren't really rebounds, just people experimenting at that age with what fits them.


Regardless, it sound like you are well on your way to recovery so best to let sleeping dogs lie. She's with someone else so best to leave it be unless you want a world of heartache.

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