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phones and relationships


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I thought it was interesting, made me think. This was a female writing this article. These days are men just attached to their phones as women? Is it normal if your in a relationship to still be on your phone constantly? Does anyone think that is rude? For the older generation when you didn't have that, how is it different now? What are thoughts on when people password protect their phones?

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I think if anything it tests people's ability to trust now more than ever. Being in a relationship I mean. There are so many ways you can be sneaky with facebook/twitter/phones/apps. Smart phones now allow you to hide messages from certain people in password protected folders, auto silence certain contacts, even hide missed calls from certain contacts among other things....


In my last two relationships both women were constantly either on the phone or the net/facebook. I think these devices just take away personal time and hurt relationships more than anything. Why be on the phone texting/checking facebook when you're in real life with real people? It makes the people around you feel like you don't care. And going back to the trust issue, it makes it so much easier to mistrust once the relationship cools, or you hit a rough patch with all of the social networks/phones and text/dating sites. Like who is that new person of the opposite sex? And now long have you guys been talking etc.?


In the past I've gone so far as to install key stroke loggers on my gf's computer, and I've searched in AIM chat logs when I suspected foul play. (Right both times) But to me it's just added stress. If anything I think it adds another issue that needs to be talked about when a relationship is started. Setting boundaries etc. in regards to technology.

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In my last two relationships both women were constantly either on the phone or the net/facebook.


Is it equal on both sides though? Did you do it as well or did you find the female did it more often? It seems as men don't converse with other men as much as females converse with other females. Only seems as a thought, not a proven thing. Does it make men more polite or does it just mean they don't have as much business on their phones?


Key stroke loggers? Paranoia!: )

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I am definitely the one who is constantly texting on my phone or using social networking sites, hes not big on texting, nor does he see the point in sharing passwords or using facebook other to arrange things and let people know your relationship status, he could care less for his phone or facebook

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Might sound extreme, but I now avoid dialing cells, even if it means not speaking until I can call a work phone.


When someone answers a call in the middle of my sentence or accepts a leisurely phone convo on my time, without ever saying, "I'm with someone, is it okay if I call you back?" it really frosts me. I won't impose the same scenario on anyone else by being the dialer.


I used to think that call waiting was rude, but at least you can hang up and go about your business. Getting trapped into listening to someone's cell convo actually makes me hostile, and I've come to hate the things enough to keep mine off unless I need it.

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