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Cant stop thinking about her


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I've been broken up from my ex for two months, we were together for a year and I came to the realization that I really was not in love with her.. I wanted to be and tried to be, but ultimately I felt sorry for her and I just wanted to make her happy. For the past two months I have abstained from sex and alcohol.. I have also tried to go back to my religious roots.. I started a new job about a month before the breakup and in the past month I met a woman from my job who I seem to get along with well.. I have proceeded around every corner with caution because I do not want to be jump into something else.. I came to find out that she has a boyfriend. I have done everything to respect because in the past before this two month transformation I would have no regard for any other guy.. I like her, I'm pretty sure she knows this.. We talk at work all the time and we even hang out at my place outside of work.. I feel that she wants me to giver a reason to leave her boyfriend.. She never talks about him and we have frequent close talks.. My question is what is the meaning of all of this? Just yesterday she came to my place dressed really provocatively and she requested a hug from me after we talked for 4 hours. She asked if I had a problem with with hugs, I said no I am a very physical person..I just told her I know myself and I know shes in a relationship and at this point I don't want to put myself in a compromising position.. I hugged her and she moaned! lol She also made it clear when I expressed my concerns that as long as I know those boundaries we will be ok, then she says let me know if it gets too weird.. I want to make a move but I want to be sure. I hope there are some women out there that can translate all of this for me.. Id really appreciate it.

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I think you need to be clear and say you aren't willing to spend so much time with her because she has a bf and then bow out. If you really respect the relationship that much, then stop putting yourself in compromising situations.


I can pretty much tell she loves the attention she gets from you and the way you get her will probably be the way you lose her.

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First of all if she really likes you she would leave her boyfriend. But she's not. She's not even saying "yes i ave a boyfriend but it's not working out and I plan on leaving"


Secondly, she's kind of acting inappropriatly. If she has a boyfriend she shouldn't be hugging and moaning with you, never talking about her boyfriend, comes over to your place alone, and dressing sexy. Why would you want to date her anyway? If you and her did date then she could cheat on you too. well i don't want to say "cheat" but its kinda borderline. This girl sounds untrustworthy.


You could just end up being used. You could just be a little fun on the side. This way, she gets lots of attention from men. What if she doesn't leave her boyfriend?


Either she leaves her boyfriend or you stop giving her attention.

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There is nothing here that needs to be translated. It's clear that you know these boundaries are NOT ok, yet you're trying to spin this around into something that will never happen.


It's obvious that you know you're dancing on thin ice, and the only person you're fooling is yourself. Hopefully you'll make the right choice, and walk away.

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