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First Day at New Job Tomorrow -- Super Nervous!

Double J

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I feel as if tomorrow were my first day of high school. Questions running through my mind include:

- Will my boss and colleagues like me?

- Will the environment and culture be to my liking?

- Will the work/deadlines be too difficult to manage?

- Will I fail?


I am a worrier by nature and, as was always the case the day before school began, get so anxious sometimes that I'm forced to take Xanax (it really helps). I know I have to tell myself it's only a job and I'll get accustomed to my surroundings in due time. The lure of higher pay, better benefits and seemingly endless advancement opportunities prompted me to leave a comfortable, dead-end job at a young start-up for one at this huge organization. The fact I'm planning to propose to my g/f of 6.5 years in a few months also factored into my decision to find a better job.



What are some coping mechanisms to help get you through the first few nerve-wracking weeks at a new job? Which positive affirmations do you use?

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Good for you for getting a better job! And big companies are a good choice - you're so much better protected legally. And they usually have MUCH better benefits.


The thing to remember about the EXISTING people at a company, is that they are curious about the new kid and kind of look forward to meeting him, and maybe becoming friends (of the coworker variety). So come in with a smile and a strong handshake. Ask people about themselves, their work, the company. Don't be afraid to ask for help in learning the ropes or finding your way around the building. A good one is to ask about local restaurants that you can go to lunch to. Sometimes people will offer to go to lunch WITH you to show you some, so you're making early friends that way. If they don't, ask THEM if they want to go.


Ask your boss what you need to know to fit in, any tips, what he expects of you. Bring a notepad so you can write notes cos you're likely to forget a few things.


Bottom line: be open and friendly. They all WANT you to fit in and they WANT to get along with you, so approach them that way.

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Just be friendly and ask for help whenever you need it. Don't force yourself into conversations (at a big place that is the kiss of death) but be open to eating with others if they ask. Do your work to the best of your ability and don't give the impression you are lazy. If you do these things, you should be fine. I'm a worrier to some degree, but everything always turns out fine. It will for you, too!

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