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Weird month, late/missed period help?


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My period has always been pretty regular, around 26-28 days. Never missed it before.


August has been a particularly stressful month, physically and emotionally. I got to visit my boyfriend, but only for about a week so now I miss him. The semester is just starting for me so I've been worrying about classes. I came down with a cold while I was with my boyfriend. On top of all that, we had particularly rough sex while we were there and ended up damaging my cervix which made me bleed quite a bit but did stop completely a few days later.


Now, I'm about 6 or 7 days late for my period, two pregnancy tests came up negative, and all I've been having for the past couple days is a lot of brown discharge. I'll be going to see a doctor about it very soon, but until then I just came in for some thoughts about it, or if anyone has experienced something similar.

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Pregnancy is a strong possibility if you had unprotected sex. If you are on birth control or used a condom properly then you can probably relax. Your symptoms can be caused my all kinds of outside things like the stress you described. The brown discharge may be left over from your cervical injury or it could be an early sign of pregnancy. But pregnancy is hard to predict too early on and symptoms usually aren't that apparent. Its up in the air. If you ARE pregnant, then there are a lot of resources for you to look into. Planned Parenthood is a complete godsend, so you should look into them. I hope everything turns out well for you!!

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