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I know it's hard to tell..but do you think i got it?


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I don't really have anyone right now to talk to about this..everyone is busy with their own schedules etc


i really want the I job interviewed for last week..i like the location, the people, the organization itself. I prepared all week and almost all night for that interview. I know its very hard to tell..i had an interview a few months ago..and i thought i did really well or atleast pretty good..didnt stumble on my words and was happy..they said they may need me to come back..never heard from them AGAIN...they didnt even let me know they filled the position.


I had to test for this position last week..i did really well on one and knew not so great on the other for some reason. They asked how i think i did and i was honest and said what i think i did really well on so and so. They said its good you know your strengths and weaknesses and they said you did do really well on it. They asked if i know basically how to use the other and i said yes, i use it at work for this and this.


They asked about what i do at my job..and i answered and was prepared..at the end though i wanted to do add one last thing but sort of forgot what i wanted to say so started stammering and trailing off saying "and i.." "and i" and i said all sorts of administrative tasks..so points probably taken off for that. I explained why i would want to work there and mentioned the mission of the company.


They asked how i got the job i have now and i said it was through a recruiter.


They also asked again how did i find out this role and i said what i said during the phone interview--how i was going through sites. During the face to face interview i said the same how i was looking through sites but added how a friend sent me this role. And mentioned the name and where they work b/c its a related type of field in some sense and to give a reason why the friend was sending it to me.


I explained how my current position prepared me for this role and i am ready to take the next step where i can continue to contribute as much as i can etc.


They asked to name 3 qualities i have..i said i am an dedicated, active listener, and take iniative.


They asked how much notice would i need to give, what salary i am making (which they asked over the phone interview and i said negotiable then)..i felt stuck at that point b/c she wanted to know it seemed..so i said my salary but worried they wouldn't be able to pay that..i added how i said its negotiable and how its more the role and level of responsibility that is more my priority. It may have sounded weak or desperate..but truth is i probably would take a lower salary to work there..i think i would just be happier in every way. I just hope they consider me even if its not in their budget and still approach me with the role.


When talking about duties they used the word "you" alot..you would be doing this and we need someone who does that..is using "you" a good sign? i know some interviews they just kept saying we need someone who can do this or that.


I asked when do they think they would be making their final decision and they said they really need someone soon so probably by next week they will make a decision..they mentioned they have a few more candidates coming in.


They mentioned they want me to meet the director..they called to see if they were available. So us 3 sat in a meeting room. I stood up when they came in and shook their hand.


They asked why this place and i said my reasoning and stated the mission of the firm basically word for word showing i really looked on the site. Some of the talk seemed casual but maybe that was just their personality..


They asked why this type of position and i said i think its a very important role to any organization.


Some of the casual talk was me mentioning how i like the area here and the neighborhood and i also said it didn't take me long to get here at all..20 minutes..sort of to imply i wouldn't have this long commute or excuses for not coming to work..the main interviewer mentioned how my other commute must have been an hour and i said it didn't take that long but its just very crowded etc..is that bad i disagreed with her? or its good i expressed my opinion?


Also another thing..when introducing me to the director--they said i work at a so and so firm which wasn't really correct so i said its a (type of place) firm in a nice tone and they said oh im sorry and i said no its ok in a nice tone..i didn't want to be mean correcting but i wanted the director to have the correct info and the other person as well.


They were saying how they need little things done as well and i said i think doing little things and more complex tasks are all equally important and they both matter etc. I mentioned the class i would be taking is on the weekend so it wouldn't interfere with work.


When the director was talking though they were saying the word you in explaining my duties but then they stopped themselves saying well i shouldn't use the word "you" bad sign? I continued look at them smiling, nodding.


Also another thing--they asked about the size of my current place and i felt like i messed up the word mid sized so i said excuse me and repeated the word and i also mentioned how there is a little turnover rate so its hard to get involved in other areas. I did not want to imply i want people to leave though or thats a bad thing. Just wanted to make it known im interested in contributing. They then said well that is a positive thing, says something about the place and i agreed and said yes, definitely..and they said they have a low turnover rate too etc. But with the duties involved..it seems i would be involved in alot of different things.


I mentioned how i take pride in all the work i do even if its a small thing b/c its still important.



When leaving, the main interviewer said they would give me their card when walking out. I shook the directors hand..when walking out of the office i saw them at their desk and said have a good day.


The interviewer gave me their card and i said it was a pleasure meeting you (good?) while shaking their hand..they said they may need me to come back and i said that's great, i am available next week b/c it was already thursday. They said what about tomorrow and i was suprised and i said tomorrow is fine too..they said they will keep me posted.


I didn't hear anything yet...and i sort of figured i wouldn't hear from them that day to come back the next..just a gut feeling since it was close to a long weekend for everyone etc. I looked up the other person's email and sent them both thank you letters.


I guess i basically have to hope they don't decide to choose someone who does great on both tests, did fantastic in the interview as well etc and possibly more experience..i dont have really have experience in this role.

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dude, stop worrying. enjoy the long weekend. take your mind off of it for now. if u interviewed thurs, they most likely will follow up next week. and don't make yourself sound or look desperate. interview a bunch of places at the same time so that they know that you are being wanted. i had a couple of interviews and two contract offers. i told each of them that i am interviewing in such and such region as well. so they knew they had to make me a good offer. make them beg for u. i think so far, i'm leaning toward one job over the other. but nothing is set in stone until i sign something. in the meantime, i'm still up for looking for better places. you are valuable. think that way and they will respond that way.

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also when i was sitting down waiting for the director the main interviewer opened the closet and said this is where we keep all our inventory etc..and i said is it? in an ethusiastic tone looking but i didn't get up to take a peek by her..i wasn't sure what to do..i know i would be handling that as a duty so maybe she wanted to just show me but i guess i was sort of waiting for the director as well. I hope it didnt seem like i was uninterested when she opened it..maybe they wanted to see if i would come over but i really was unsure what to do, i just stayed seated, looked and said oh is it? in a nice tone

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i can't tell u if u got it or not. but u seem pretty unsure about a lot... like when you wrote:

The interviewer gave me their card and i said it was a pleasure meeting you (good?) while shaking their hand..


why are you doubting so much every little action? Saying things like "it was a pleasure meeting you" is just protocol. don't think so deeply into it. relax. stop stressing out. it would probably be better to think that you didn't get it so that you won't be disappointed later if they don't call. that way, you can move on now and still apply for other jobs.

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nuttybuddy..i am just giving as much as details as i can..yea, i am going to analyze this because i want the job badly. I know i should continue to apply and try not to think about it..easier said than done..i posted this thread to give details and receive advice about how they think the interview went..telling me to stop stressing isn't helping because i specifically posted for advice. Thank you though.

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It is very presumptuous to start thinking you have the job or not unless an employers clearly says, "We will call you back later today if you are offered the position." Like others said... enjoy the weekend and keep applying for other jobs in case this one falls through. Avoid setting yourself up for disappointment by placing all your eggs in one basket.

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i know it was a holiday weekend and maybe they are still interviewing..but no word yet on anything i feel like if i was going to get it i would have been updated on something today especially since they said they want to make a decision this week in order to get someone to start soon.


i hope they received my thank you emails and it made a difference...feeling a little sad right now..i just feel this is the right place for me.the other jobs i have been interviewing at i am just not as interested although i still seem ethusuastic during the interview.


just sad

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a friend suggested that maybe i should send a quick follow up email expressing that i am very interested and wondering if there are any updates regarding the role...in order to show my interest and how i am taking the initiative to find out what's going on.


I had the interview last thursday..at the end they said i may need to come back again and i was enthusiastic and said that's great and that i am available next week not really thinking about the next day for whatever reason..they mentioned well what about tomorrow too? and i said that is fine as well and they said they would keep me posted. I sent my thank you e-mails that same night.


It's been a long holiday weekend but tomorrow is wednesday and maybe their last day for interviewing..maybe it would be good to follow up again but something alot shorter and it will once again remind them of my motivation etc?


Is it too much or maybe it will show i take initiative? It was also mentioned they want to make a decision quickly and by next week b/c they need someone to start..so maybe it is a good time to send an e-mail expressing my sincere interest?

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