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Uploading video on internet to my boyfriend

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My great advice: do NOT send him a video of you nude or partially nude that you may regret him having in the event of a break up. Best thing to do, still not even safe, yahoo messenger to do a video chat. That way he could see but not "keep". He could still do print screens but better than having yourself out there.

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I upload videos to my student using 4share. After uploading I can go to the options and deselect the file being in search.. Idea being, you need a link to access the video.. I believe there are password options, but I haven't investigated that...


No matter what the site, there is a security risk. Your video is going to be on a security server and you are really just leaving it to trust that no one in the company will look at your files/video's. Or, heck, look at the recent hacks in the News.


If this is something you really want to do, it would be much safer to give the file on an actual disk or USB... But, there will always be security issues...

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Oh hes in the video too... so it doesnt matter... I dont think he would use it against me ever.... because he would be more ashamed then me trust me.


You are just not thinking this through.


If you break up and he's spiteful he could easily cut and edit and block out parts of him in it.


It happens ALL the TIME.

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