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thoughts on letter please

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I found out yesterday that my ex wife lost her grandfather in april, he was living with her and new husband( guy she divorced me for)

and was really close to him, we divorced ad have been flat NC for the last 4 years.. I will be honest here I do want to express my sadness for her loss as they were a big part of my life as well.. I also have a strong feeling that she is getting a divorce from him... this all came about as I was talking to her best friend wo happened to be my best friend for years... anyways we talked about everything and when i brought up ex she simply goes..... "shes...ok" and as i browsed her photos on fb alot of the pics had her with no husband and no ring anymore.


heres the thing.... I still have some feelings for this woman... she was my wife.. but more importantly we all grew up together and my ex and I have been great close friends before we got married... and I have been missing that for the past year. I decided im going to contact her with this letter. and I want to know if I should leave it as is.. I have no expectations to ever be together that way... and the anger and bad feelings are gone. but i miss my friend, I just dont want to open to many doors... and i certainly dont want to be ran back to as her escape, like she did with him from me.


should i just remove the last part and leave just the sorry for your loss part? or should i keep it as is?







I talked to------... I am sorry to hear about grandpa, I know it was time and I'm sure it was prepared for, but I know he was an everyday part of your life for while. I wanted to contact you to give condolences and ask if you could please pass them along to Linda as well. I know it happened in April, I just found out yesterday.

I enjoyed knowing Walter for what time I had, plenty of memories, never a dull nor a negative one

My favorite was the day he was fishing through the plastic bag for kit kats for like 15 min.. lol and gizmo just clinging onto the side of his cage wondering what the heck was going on..



Something else.......While digging up a past is not one of my favorite hobbies to pursue...I want you to know I am sorry, it may not mean much now... for me its mostly water under the bridge, as I am sure it is for you, nevertheless... I said and did plenty of things to you that probably just made the situation that much more worse than it had to be... and for that I am sorry, I was just a different person then with some very dark wiring in my head. I have been wanting to say something for awhile now, but I just didn’t know how.


Moving on from that... I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy and life has been as best as it can be for you.


Take care,


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Well I went it what 4 days ago..no response. A mutual friend and I were talking and I told her about it...she said that she-ex is going through some stuff right now...she also said that she has never once in 4 years spoke of us, the marriage or divorce, friend said she mentioned it once and ex got upset ... but she says that her and all other friends, ex has never once spoken about things....


I kinda am wondering if I really hurt her that bad, I mean I can't see why, she walked pit on me for another man and married him....I got burned I should be the one to hold grudge...I've let it all go and don't care anymore... while I will always love her as she was my wife, and despite things I just wanted her to be happyi don't think I want her back........I kinda just want my friend back.

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