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i want to end it


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i want to end my life..there is nothing to live for. its all a blank..i am so numb..i feel like i am watching myself from outside and all i see is a loser.someone who has fu**ed up every thing in her life, made evry wrong decision, screwed up everything. now theres nothing more too live for. my parents hate me..i and my partner hate each other..i have no friends, no job, no life..nothing..


I just want a easy way to end it all...

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Sounds like a carbon copy of me . . . . except . . . . I've never been in a relationship, let alone dated or even intimacy. I have a feeling you are still young and still have a life to look forward to - though things look bleak at the moment. I'm 54 and did try to end it all and just about died before the sheriffs showed at this dingy hotel room I was at lying on the floor. My cousin (same age as me) did end it all just a few years ago - shot himself in the head out of desperation as I have felt. God know I've f-ed up my life in so many ways and I ended up in a mental institution - really out of loneliness but there is still hope if you can open your mind up to the universe even for a moment. I had to hear it from someone I trust that really knows about that stuff. Right now I'm going through withdrawals from narcotics and was damn close again to calling it quits but not this time. I would say too there's no escape from happiness (or the pursuit of) if you really think about it and you will succeed at some point. It is our natural state. All the best to ya - you're worth it!!

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Can a little empathy be asking too much? "handle it" is just meaningless.

This person is not a sponge. God, your insight is totally non-existent. Hah!


You're aware that was just his signature right? His post was pretty caring if you ask me.


In fact, I second it, and say I hope you found someone to talk to. Feel free to PM me.

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