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Dating younger women


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What is your opinion about dating younger women?




I'm 30 and I've been single ever since I broke up with my fiancée. Which was about two years ago.


I'm ready to start dating again and so I've been looking around a bit.


What I noticed is that 99% of the women I meet that I'm interested in, who are my age and and even a few years younger (like 26 to 30), are either married or already in a relationship.




Which leaves me thinking it is time to start going for younger women.


So firstly some ground rules: Where do you draw the line? I.e. what is too young? (I'm 30).



And then, some tips please.


My sister is 9 years younger than I and her friends seem to be from another planet than the one I grew up on. I don't want to feel like a creepy grandad asking out a younger girl. I also don't want to spend evenings chatting about teen movies and pop songs.


So girls, please feel free to give me some pointers.

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There's nothing wrong with dating younger girls.. 4-7 yr gap is great..


But u have to remember most 21-24 yrs are like u described ur sister. Or flaky or playing the field. There just still generally growing into the lady they wanna be..


These girls in that age bracket are for more casual dating.. and not serious rel as maybe a 30 yr old man might want..


There changing in these yrs like we did... I'm not saying all girls fit in to this category. I've seen lots of serious mature 22yr old, that have gotten married, and most are divorced by the time there 30..


General rule of thumb Imo girls are 25 are for fun. And girls over 25 are little more serious about wanting a t



Off course I've seen it be backwards too...

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To each his own; every woman is different so it's difficult to really pinpoint the generalization of all younger women.




In MY experiences, I've always found that the younger women I would talk to just weren't really ready for dating. Most of them still with the party-bug in their system. I really don't care for going out a lot, unless I'm at the movies, sitting down to have a meal or out site-seeing or something like that, shopping or what have you. Not that I've ever participated much in this, but I'm through with the club, night-life and bar scene. Most of the time now at 11pm or 12am, my ass in the house and not out in the street somewhere. And it's really hard (especially at 27) to meet a lot of younger women who can get with that. I'm still extremely young at 27, so a lot of the women within my age bracket are still young and even a few years older where you're at 30 and 31.


You don't meet a lot of men like that, so for many women I meet they really don't fair too well with my monk like lifestyle. I would rather be in the house safe at night reading, relaxing, having a cold beer while trying to figure out the keystrokes to Beethoven's Fur Elise or watching something amazing on discovery. Or hanging out at the lake birdwatching and taking pictures. And I've just found over the years that a higher number of older women who are a lot more settled and laid back I fair much better with and they tend to understand a little bit more.

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If i were you, I would stay away from those still in college. Maybe 24+ is a good bet. They will be living on their own and you have a better chance of them not being really into parties and they may want to settle down now because they got all of that partying out of their system while in college.


I've dated older men and am looking to settle down but the vast majority of those my age do not. My roommates are single and go out every weekend like almost every girl here. Yeah, definitely don't date someone in college. There are always exceptions of course but that's my advice to you.

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Are you serious? Do you know how many single 25-30+ single woman there are out there???? HEAPS!


Where are you looking? Are you looking online? There are heaps out there for sure.


That's what I was going to say. I would advise sticking with 25+ because they'll be on the same page with you.


Here is an outside of the box thought - why not date women who are 31-34? Instead of going younger, go older.

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I was going to say what Ms Darcy said about going a little older - I'm 33 and consistently date guys 29+. Although, I understand that some guys, particularly around your age, are a bit worried about dating even a few years older because they don't want to worry about someone wanting marriage/babies in a year (I know lots of women my age, including myself, who are NOT like this, but I would guess there are some who are so you'd just have to make sure you're on the same page).


But if you want to stick with younger - maybe you're just not attracted to older women or whatever - I really think you should try online dating. I find it baffling that you say you can't find any women 26-30 who are single. People are in and out of relationships all the time. If you aren't finding them out and about, you can certainly find them online.

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My concern in age gap relationship is that the older person is taking advantage of the younger. I think that should be your concern. If you meet a girl that you click with then go on a date and see what happens. I tend to look at how mature the girl is no matter what her age, maturity is probably a better indicator than age, of course the girls need to be over the age of consent.

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