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Thank you letter


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I sent the people i interviewed with a thank you e-mail for a job i really want from my aol main business email. I placed a receipt request before sending it. I never got a confirmation. I wanted to make sure they got it b/c i placed alot of effort into it. Maybe it didn't work because it only will if i am sending it to ANOTHER aol account? I hope it didn't get into their spam folder or some filter at work didn't allow them to read it.


I dont want to call; i feel like that is too much. Chances are, they received it?

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Probably. I had an AOL e-mail address, and I'm pretty sure that the functions on AOL mail -- "unsend," "status," "check receipt," etc. ONLY work if the other party has AOL or CompuServe (which is part of AOL, I think). In fact, I'm almost positive -- I once sent out an e-mail to a bunch of people, some who had AOL, some who did not, and when I checked the "status" to see if it had been read, only the AOL and CompuServe addresses showed a status report. The rest said "you cannot check the status of Internet e-mail" or something like that.


Chances are, they did receive it. I have interviewed a lot of people, and many of them have sent follow-up "thank you" e-mails. I rarely respond to those, even if the person is being considered for the position because shortly thereafter, they'll hear from me either way -- whether they got the job or not.


They probably got it, and I'm sure you'll be hearing from them soon.

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I sent a thank you letter to my current employer, and although I figured they got it, I didnt ever hear back until I got the job offer. I found out that a lot of HR policies state that the employer is not allowed to communicate with potential employees until the interviews are done because they want to prevent any communication from being mistaken for a job offer or anything like that..

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