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Really upset

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Last night I puked and had diharrea at work. I suspect I have a gluten allergy or I'm having an allergic reaction to some medication. I really need to see a specialist. The manager on duty said I could try and get my shift covered and said she hopes I feel better it wouldn't be a problem. The other assistant manager called me today and said it wasn't fair for the other girl (who willingly said she would cover it) because she lives far away. I said well how about I come in the hour and a half I haven't gotten covered yet? I will do that if necessary. She said no and that I really needed to do what she recommends.


NORMALLY... I am respectful to authority and try my best to be a good employee, but her tone upset me. I also have to add that I sometimes feel as though I'm bending over backwards for this minimum wage job when they give me less than 10 hours a week, which you can't live on. I'm forced to look for a second job and I've asked for more hours. The reason that I'm keeping the job in the first place is so that I will have something to do until I get hired full time elsewhere (or go to law school).


I don't think this lady like me at all. Just needed to vent

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I think your work is being unreasonable, especially since you are trying to meet them half way (organise someone to cover and your offer to cover the 1.5 hours). I mean, you're doing more than the average person would do.


Isn't it funny that the less you get paid the more unreasonable your bosses are and the worse you get treated? I guess they know they can fill vacancies pretty quickly.


It seems to pay to be less reliable and not care as much about the job when you are working in a low paid job. I know from my previous jobs employers will use and abuse good workers cos they know they can get away with it.

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You assistant manager went out of her way to call you tell you she is unhappy with the decision you made with the other assistant manager's okay?


Brush this off and next time if you have an issue tell her to save her issues for when you arrive at work the next day on the clock and not waste your time when you are not being paid to discuss work issues.


Case and point.

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Was the manager who told you you could try and get another person to cover more senior? It sounds like the manager who rang you is going to inconvenienced by you taking it off somehow and is trying to make you feel bad.


Like I said, you seem to be a reasonable employee by trying to compensate as much as possible for time taken off when you are legitimately sick. They are taking advantage of this and probably feel that you might back down.


I don't know if the working conditions in your country are drastically different but where I am no one can force you to go to work if you are sick.

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