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am i legit crazy, ( boyfriend, baby mama, etc)


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my bf always says how he hates and doesnt care for his baby mama at all, she cheated on him several times and dumped him for the last guy she cheated with. so hes cleaning his room and finds childhood stuff of hers , i guess she didnt have that good of a childhood so he wants to give it back to her. is this really necessary? i really am not bothered that they are cool at least for the kids sake and i am aware she will be in his life until the kids are 18 but i don't get how someone can still want to give back something to someone that did them so wrong so many times.

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BTW, she'll be in his life long after the kids are 18. Parenting doesn't stop when child support ends. Plan on her being around forever.


I agree. I am 45 and my parents are divorced but still on the fringes of each other's lives because they have children together and grandchildren together. It does not end at 18. There are weddings and grandchildren's births etc..


You should always return what is not yours. Throwing away pieces of someone's childhood or not returning it is just being a jerk. It is not about what someone does to you but how you handle YOURSELF.

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