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I found I still care


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I broke up with him in winter last year, because he was missing his ex all the time when we were together. He tried a few times to get back together and I rejected him. Then he went to date somebody else very soon. NC for about six months.


In June he sent me a long letter asking to get back together which looked very sincere, and I agreed that we could try once more but need to take it slow. We see each other once a week since then, and things are going very well. Today he let me play with his iphone. I looked at the gallery and saw many pictures of him with that woman he dated after we broke up. I suddenly felt very sad. He had told me that he had been on rebound with that woman so I did not think too much about it. But today when I really saw the two happy faces in the pictures I felt so sad. I know he has every right to keep those pictures since we are not getting really serious yet, but it really hurts.


Any suggestions how I should talk to him about this feeling? Thank you.

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Well, you two are not yet "really serious", so I don't think is a good idea to begin your new chapter in those terms of jealousy, snooping his pictures, and then venting. Is just pictures, nothing else. It doesn't mean much. I know you feel bad, is normal, but he was dating her at certain point, is not like he cheated on you, or those are x rated pictures. Just let it go, I think everyone has the right to keep their memories.

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The past is the past, and there isn't anything he can do to change it. You have a past too, one where you were smiling happily with other guys. Try to think of this as a brand-new relationship, not resuming an old one. That way it seems less like he cheated on you and more like he's just a normal guy who dated other girls in the past but wants to be with you right now in the present.

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