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So shocking and mind blowing to me.


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I've been around for awhile here and made a few threads. This will be my last one. I just need to rant and get this out!


Loved the girl to death for 2 years, went away for school for 3 months and halfway through she stopped supporting me and said she wasnt in love with me anymore. I have a very good career with what i was going to school for. I treated her with great respect, but have a bad boy kind of personality as well. I never got mad at her or tried to hurt her. she said she wasn't in love with me anymore and so i broke up with her after trying to work it out for a week. Told her we would see what happens when i get back. She ignores me for 5 months straight once i got back. I tried to see her and finally did at the bar randomly. She had a new bf of a month. He's got no career, is much younger than me, does drugs and parties a lot. She flirted with me hardcore and the bf left jealous. I asked her to hang out again and she said yes then never replied after.


Well after 5 months i had to let all my feelings out just so i could move on and forget all this. I sent her a paragraph of a letter saying how i regret leaving her for 3 months and would never neglect her for my career again and that she deserves a man that will put her first (even though i always did until i left for the 3 months) And that she was the most important person in my life and if she would consider trying again and giving us another chance.. thats the summary of the paragraph. It was written to the point and no BS just honesty. Dropped it off on her door step and emailed her telling her i left it there.


No reply from her 2 days later.


But i finally have my closure. The thoughts of what if are no longer in my head and I feel acceptance. I cried after i dropped it off because i knew deep down she probably wouldnt reply.. but at the same time i was finally honest about how i felt for the 5 months apart. I was following some dumb break up guide on how to get your ex back that said to act cool with everything lol. It just made me go crazy. Now i can finally recover knowing i did all i could do and was honest.


That is all



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She replied! Hah my letter was a good idea.



I wasnt expecting that this morning. I don't know what to think at thismoment. I still have a lot of feelings for you too but I was so hurt that I've put them in the back of my mind. Please give me some time to think. I know I've been cold and distant but I'm not sure how to feel every things cloudy. I'm sorry that I havnt been keeping in contact as much as you have and I can't promise ill begin there's just a lot going on in my head but I'm not trying to avoid you. I really appreciate the things you said in the letter. I just need some time. Can we just stick to friends for a bit please.




Now what to do?

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