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Dazed and confused...


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I've been dating a girl for the last two months, and it's been pretty smooth sailing - including us taking a weekend trip to a friend's wedding.

Now I like to go slow, and make sure I know who the other person is before really committing, but even while cuddling in bed (no sex, yet), she mentions that she still wants to see other guys.

It's not like she's cold towards me, quite the opposite, we're holding hands, sharing long kisses, cuddling (as mentioned), but something about that comment bugged me quite a bit, after 2 months.


Through these two months, I've tried to include her in many of the things I do, invite her to meet some friends of mine, etc, and she's been receptive to all of it - however, her life is mostly work, gym, tv, repeat, and though I've met her brother and sister in law while in passing, it feels almost like I'm not being reciprocated the same attention.


I guess it's hard to tell what to do based on this superficial amount of information, but is it time to cut and bail, or is it something I need to stick out for a bit longer? She's the first girl in over 5 years that I've been able to date more than twice, oddly enough.

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