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How to recognize sincerity


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Hypothetically only, maybe just for some peace of mind. I am not even thinking she will ever come back but I just want some opinions in the case that she does...



So, we had a very good relationship for over a year. Some relationship immaturity got in the way. We both truly love eachother. We Broke up in early April. She tried to keep getting back with me and I was honestly liking the space. We still spent time together a couple times a month. When I finally realised what a good thing I had, She had started dating someone else/new. So, I walked out of her life but she wouldnt let me go. 2 months worth of keeping me on a string I told her if she cant decide me over him then he wins...Goodbye, do not call, do not txt, do not email, facebook unfriended, etc. Well she came crying back 3 hours later. Nothing had changed though. She went right back to him. So, she still tried talking to me and as a dumba** I let it happen. Anyway, 2 days ago I told her she needed to return the diamond bracelet I gave her during our "limbo" (Yes I know I was probably dumb to give her such a gift, but hey we were in a good phase of Limboland) I gave it to her as a gesture of my commitment to "us". Here is the email: "Just one thing left... The bracelet I gave you as symbol of commitment to us. A commitment you were never into. So thats it I just want it back, or actually I just dont think you should have it. Honestly you really should have given it back on your own accord.."

Kinda funny Im sure its eating at her b/c she sent me a txt this morning (as she was putting in the mail Im sure) saying She doesnt want me to think she is completely heartless and selfish.Oh yeah, the conversation that tripped me into asking for it back was b/c she asked me what I was doing for Labor Day Weekend, just so she could lead into telling me she was going with this guy somewhere out of town...


Back to my original intention of this thread, If she ever does come crawling back, weeks, months, whenever... (and Im not saying Im sitting here waiting for her, believe me I am ENJOYING life right now!! AND I may not even want her back) How would I recognize sincerity since she has been so good at stringing things along. Also, how would I even react to it?

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You tell yourself there are many wonderful females out there who deserve you and your affection, she doesn't. Clearly if she wants another man over you then she isn't into you, and if she was seeing you while she was with him, clearly she isn't very loyal. Better to write her off for good. To me there is no sincerity in her because of her actions.

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