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Confused and dont know what to think or do


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Me and my ex broke up about 2 months ago. We saw each other for a few weeks after the initial break up then I went out one night with my friends and she obviously didnt like that. We have been in no contact for all of that time bar 1 occasion where she asked for my address to send my mail but I had not moved in to my new place at the time so I asked lets just quickly meet up and you can give it to me and she said she was busy but will another time. Fair enough so I told her to send it to my aunty’s house which she said she would give me next time. I think she was trying to see if I had moved in to my own place.


I tried to call her last night as its been a month since that conversation and I would like my mail as it is about college but she did not pick up or return my call. Also she knows the importance of my mail why has she not sent it to at least my aunty's house? I’m still in love with this girl and miss her everyday.


I was talking to my sister yesterday and she said there were still photos of me and my ex together some of which we are kissing still tagged on facebook. I never go on facebook so I was unaware of these photos being on there. What does it me if they are still on there? Is it a sign she misses me?


I also have some stuff at her house and by the looks of it in the same place as where I left it which is in full view in the room. I would have thought normally that would be the first thing that someone would get rid of as you would see it everyday. I know if I had any of my ex stuff in my room it would definitely go straight away!


I don’t know what the next step is or what to think or feel


Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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Maybe she didn't want an abrupt change. She might have wanted to make the transition smooth so she didn't remove them right away. I know many people who leave their pictures on FB after a breakup but it doesn't mean much.


I wouldn't overanalyze it too much if I were you for your own sake.

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