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what you say vs. what you do


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big problem with the basic he or she dumped me...im sad...what now? what comes next? do i go NC? scenario IS...


we say one thing,believe its the best for us, have hope it will work BUT do the complete opposite. im an advocate for this. haha


I literally just spent almost 2 years KNOWING i should stay clear or my ex. KNOWING it wouldnt change. KNOWING there would come a breaking point. but nope, i stayed around. went completely against my own intuition along with many other peoples as well and just hung on to false hope that never existed.


so no wonder it took me so long to heal, right?


my point for this thread is simply this:


ladies and gents...please! stick to what you say and act on it, as soon as you get the chance. dont go back and forth with decisions (easier said than done i know) and listen to yourself. usually we know what we need to do. but were to sad or consumed in emotion to believe its the right way to go...usually it is!!

stick to ure guns, if that means NC then so be it. dont let the ex trick you into some mind game that has you fall in this twisted trap of "should i stay or should i go"...in the end both hurt neways. but one isnt so dragged out and that one usually saves u some pride and dignity.


like i always say....its gonna be alright one way or another. stay strong and hang in there. bright days are to come. i promise.



xoxo bri

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bri427, these are words of wisdom, and one's that have spoken directly to me! I'm having a problem of not "sticking to my guns." I say one thing (and actually mean it), and then for some reason my emotions, or whatever it is, drives me to do something else. Close friends of mine are even starting to think that I'm playing games. But I was the person that told you what he was gonna do, and actually DID IT. Now, Idk what is going on, but ever since 2008 or 2009, I've been flip flopping on my decisions. Do you have any advice for me?

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