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desperate case from past relationship?

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What else can i do in this desperate case driving me nuts ? Well, basically it started few weeks ago, i was dating this girl who did my best friend wrong. She literally left him crying for her, so i decided to hook up with her...just for a sweet payback. Now that is over and told her the true shes been texting me almost 24/7 sending me black-mails that shes gonna tell some personal stuff she knows about me with my now girlfriend. I'm afraid shes gonna wreck my relationship. If she claims i treated her so bad, why is she still stalking me and ask me stuff like "where were you?" and "who you was with?"...is like she still stuck in our gf/bf days I do confess, i treated her bad thou, but that because she was a skank and did my friend wrong. I already told her that i have gf now that i appreciate more and i'm considering to have family with in the future. I told her that our relationship was just a game that soon had to be over. I'm so sick of her...what else can i do? other than getting the police getting involved because i don't wanna cause too much drama. I even did her one more time while i was still with my now gf to see if that could finally settle her down, but it made it worst. So now she has make me to be unfaithful to my present gf Any advice on what else to do? i'll appreciated.

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