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Opions needed, when is it ok to get in touch


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Ok so here's the scene, I met this guy on Halloween last yr. We hooked up and I was expecting it to be a one night thing only he got my number and then me around for a couple of weeks. So I lost contact with him until a few months ago and he wanted to catch up. So we went out to lunch which turned into dinner and clubbing and then back at his house for the deed. I should point out that this time I was looking for something more.


I know that I shouldn't have slept with him this last time as it's all about the thrill of the chase, but we both had a fair bit to drink and really wanted it. Anyway so now he's doing the usual guy thing of not calling or getting in touch. He's sent me 1 txt since then and it was when I had gone to bed early. I replied the next day but since then have had no contact.


I know he's lost interest due to the fact that we had sex so soon but I some how want him to know that I'm not a . I wasn't with anyone in between the two times we were together.


My problem is how/when is ok to tell him that? I'm giving him a week and then he has lost his chance for anything else with me. I was thinking that at the end of the week, if I've heard nothing then I'll txt him and let him know and then that will be it.


Does this sound ok and not like I'm being a needy or stalkerish? I'm not trying to entice him back, I just want him to know that there's something kinda special about him which motivated my actions. Obviously thats not what I'll say but thats what I want it to mean.

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i donno if u really should tell him that unless he says he's interested in u in a more serious way. i mean, u confessing that u like him seriously, when he's only thinking u r someone just fun to do from time to time, is not going to spell out happy ending. u need to know that he's interested in u more than just a friend in bed.

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Yeah I'm not hanging my hat on the fact that he is interested in anything more. If i txt him then it's going to be the last time I have contact with him, not to try to spark any interest in something more. I just want him to know that I'm what he thinks I am and that's it.

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I don't think you should.


You went into the whole thing knowing the possibilities and the risks (that it would be a one-time thing). I think that by texting him that, it won't make him think "hmmm... I guess she is a nice girl" - he will think that you are feeling insecure (which you are feeling). I think you are better to keep your head held high and just leave it be.


I'm not even sure if he'll believe you (for the record - *I* believe you). It's just... it will sound either like a ploy or like insecurity coming through.


This "revelation" is more about you feeling better about your own actions because I'm not sure that it will have the effect that you want it to. Don't seek the outside validation. Seek it from within. Personally, I think it will make you a stronger person.

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