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I know Ill get through this but today's been a tough day

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Hey all,


This is the second time I've been going through this break up thing with the same girl, and I could even argue that our second relationship was more meaningful than the first (lasted longer, more milestones, more things shared together, and more abrupt ending) yet I strangely took it fairly well. I mean I cried the first day, a lot but that was expected but if anyone knows my story from last year, that's nothing. Well the last couple days have been rough for me, more physically than mentally. Yeah, I'm thinking about her a lot but I can't sleep at all -- last night I just kinda blacked out after trying everything to sleep, got to bed at 5 am eventually, slept for all of 2 hrs before I had to get up for work. I'm still trying to keep things as normal as possible but I think keeping my anxiety repressed for the first 2 weeks is coming back to me. I can't eat anything now, I end up puking it up and I can't sleep for too long, so I've just been feeling so fatigued all day and so tempted to talk to her but I can't and I won't, but for whatever reason, I just got this uncontrollable urge to post this somewhere so I figured I'd post it here, on the forum that helped me get through everything last year. This is a bit tougher than I remembered it being...

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Makes sense as to why it is harder this time round.

It is the second time round.

The relationship was a lot more meaningful than the last time.


More to lose due to what you experienced.


You are at the beginning of a steep slope of a roller coaster ride right now.

Hold tight because it's going to be quite a ride.


Eventually what yo are going through, the memories, good and bad will not hurt as much.

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I certainly know the feeling brother. Wavering eating habits, insomnia, anxiety, lack of focus... I've gotten a little better, but today hasn't been an easy one for me either. It has been 2 1/2 months since the BU of a 2 yr relationship.


My ex literally just sent me a text after almost 3 weeks of no contact when we exchanged the last of our things. I don't understand this madness that we call relationships and love, but that's just it I believe... it's not about understanding, it's about acceptance. One of her sentences was "How have you been?" I can't respond because if she really cared about that, she wouldn't have acted the way she did during a time when I needed her. She can't have any of me anymore.

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