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What does he want from me?


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I met him about 8 weeks ago and we talk about everyday online. and he's the one who always initiates first contact. We even made out, but haven't went out a on date yet. We went biking couple days ago and that was fun, but I honestly can say that I don't know what he wants from me. He is pissing me off right now.


I asked him what type of food he likes to eat and he said he been eating japanese lately, but ate korean food with this girl that I also know. I got a little upset and just played along and said wait, is she this girl's friend? and he said yea. Then he suddenly said that he never took me out for dinner yet and he said that hmm does that look like a date if he takes me out to eat dinner. And I said iono you tell me and he said it would look datish esp if he takes me out. So I asked him is it a good thing or bad thing and he said i don't know. And he said it could be nice dinner together or bad to complicate things even further.


Today when we were in the car, he was talking to me about himself and it was great knowing that he is willing to share this secret with me that he doesn't want his other friend to know yet, but he's making me confused. he would kiss me but says he's confused and said we should just be friends. OK, but he still wants to hang out with me and kind of ask me out to dinner, but asked if i wanted to get dinner with him sometimes and I said sure. But he is confusing me and i don't know if he only wants my body or sorta likes me. When he looks at me, he stares for a bit and then looks away and looks at me and drops his head down and closes his eyes. He told me to stop looking so cute. I was like how can i stop looking cute? I don't even try to act cute. I really don't know if he likes me and I just told him w/e lol i'm going to bed because he's annoying me because I don't know what he wants and I just want to ignore him now... He seems like he's interested in me yet, I am lost at what he wants and it seems like he doesn't know what he wants.... =(


When his friend and I hung out he kept asking me if I was gonna watch movie with him and I said yea and he asked me on that day I was going to the movies again and asked if I had fun. When I finally saw him, he asked how was it and if I had fun again? When I told him his friend was gonna probably ask to go clubbing again and he was like don't give in like he doesn't want me to go clubbing with him...


lately he been giving me a goodbye kiss... what does that mean?


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- 4 days left to answer.


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please, be serious, wut the heck does o mean -.0

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"He told me to stop looking so cute"


Get rid of this guy, he's playing games with you. If he wanted to be with you, and only you, he has the power to make that happen. He hasn't made that happen so either 1) he doesn't want to be with you and only you 2) he's too lazy / scared to make it happen. I wouldn't want to be with him if either were the case. I think the most likely thing is 1) He doesn't want to be with you and only you. He probably wants to be with you... but it's the only part he can't quite manage. He's happy to get what he can out of you without making any kind of commitment, but that's about it. Get rid.

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