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Well, my girlfriend and I split up early august and I'm not coping very well. We met feb11 and dated until 28 may when we finally made it official. She meant the world to me. I miss her smile and just her general chat. It was both out first proper relationship and as it turned out wed both lost our virginities at the same time. I cant stop thinking about her and cant face the idea that shell never be in my life I didnt take it too well and tried contacting her more than five times or so. She finally got round to speaking to me a few nights ago on facebook and she said: "stop beating yourself up I dont hate you. However when we split up you behaved like a child. And as such I'm not particularly interested in talking right now. I'm sorry if this upsets you but I'm not doing to change my mind". I then replied: "i understand. sorry i was just having a difficult time. well, heres what il do, maybe we relly should have a long break and maybe in the future then we'll see". She just said "ok".


Here friend was supportive to me. She says that I'm "way to caught up on this" and she seems relaxed that if i give her time then all should be fine. I hope this is the case. I miss her so much; i was finally happy. I dont know how long i should wait to talk to her again though. Any advice??

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